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Hello guides
I wanted to talk to everyone and I hope everyone will offer commit if you agree or even if you disagree.
First I propose to everyone that the guild come together and elect a “Commander” as defend in the game ( by the purchase of the Commander title for 100 gold. I propose that everyone contribute as much or as little as you can afford and we use that gold to elect a commander.
Now I know that the commander was mainly put in the game as a WvWvW functionality but as we've seen lately they do have uses in PvE as well. Not to mention that ability to form squads allowing the guild as a whole to team together as we grow.
There is however more to my proposal, a greater role to be fulfilled by the individual who takes on this title:
We all know this game is vastly different then City of Heroes, the mechanics are different from the dodge roll to the lack of the holy trinity (Tank, Healer/Controller, Damage dealer) to Arena Nets love of the cheap shot to make bosses harder. That is to say bosses with high hit points, high damage resistance and one or two very high damage attacks, which are sometimes very poorly broadcast. Yes by now you’ve likely guesses right, I’m talking about DUNGEONS …
I’ve tried and mostly failed to pull the guild into a few dungeons, sometimes we've been successful sometimes we’ve failed and I know each of you have joined PUGS at one point or another and have had mostly miserable experiences and have vowed to never again do that.
I want to change that, we can do dungeons and we can be successful and have fun, really. The problem is the game is mostly build for two types of play, solo and the zerg. When we solo we take on minions one, two or maybe three at a time, vets we take on one at a time and we mostly avoid champs. This works because we mostly understand what our characters can and can’t do and we can over power or out heal most of what the solo PvE world has to offer. In Zurgs we just rush and blow everything as it comes off cool down and hope the overlapping buffs and heals will keep us alive.
However in a dungeon with just five people we need to not only understand our character but we need to know what the other members of our team can do and trust them to do it at the right time or have a general idea of when the last time a “heal” was used and realize that it’s likely still on cool down and it’s time to back off.
I propose that we get together once or twice a week, some of us well be able to make some days and others will make other days and we start to practice working as a small team and reintroducing ourselves to dungeons. This will start as going in to a few of the dungeons and taking on the first boss or the first big fight and talking about why we failed and we setting and doing it again, failure leads to learning and learning leads to finishing a whole dungeon.
At first we will just set a time limit, maybe an hour or an hour and a half and we’ll go in and we’ll do the first area and we’ll reset and we’ll do it again and we’ll learn. We won’t try and force our way through the whole dungeon only to fail at the last boss after three hours of dying again and again. This way we won’t burn out and feel like we wasted our time and as we get better as a team and fear the dungeons less we can push further and further into them and start making team that will finish them or we might join PUGS and lead the group because we’ll know what to expect.
Anyway I talk on and on, what I want to say and what I propose is we start taking on more and more challenges as a guild and that we elect someone that will do this.
Now one thing that I think is important to mention here this “Commander” can be but does not need to be a guild leader, the commanders role will be that of teacher not the principle, I say this because as it is clear to everyone I would like to take on this role but I do not want to step on the toes of those that founded the guild and steer it’s direction on the day to day level, I’m happy being a resource not a leader.

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o.o can't say I'm against the idea of someone being nom-inated to have a field tag for easy of spotting on the map.. I'll toss some gold in if others are interested in the idea.

I really enjoyed the dungeons in Eye of the North, and one of the great things about them was that I could do them by myself at my own pace with just my character and my character's Heroes. I wish I could do that here, but it's just not gonna happen.

Anyway, I'm ready to delve into the GW2 dungeons. It's content I've not done dozens of times over and over again. So count me in!

I'll also chip in on the Commander thing.

I feel more like I do now than I did before.