Cathars! Comin in Update 2.1!

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Here's the basics, as per Dulfy ( <-- there are some screenshots there as well):

**Unlockable via the cartel market for cartel coins (600 cartel coins) . You can convert either an existing character or reroll a new character.

**Unlock is account wide rather than just legacy wide (i.e. applied to all servers, all your legacies)

**Available to all eight classes (both factions)

**Both male and female

**Cool new fur patterns, new hair styles

**Great social emote for your Cathar pride

**Trooper companion Aric Jordan will be have his appearance adjusted to bring him inline with the new Cathar models. He will be utilizing the new fur technology and better reflect how Cathars will look.


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IIRC, unlocking the Cathar won't let us redesignate existing characters to be retconned as Cathar -- at least, I don't expect it to; I expect that we'll have to pay to change species at the Customization Stations that will also be included in the update, that will allow other appearance changes as well. I would be happy to be proven wrong, however.

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According to everything I've read, you'll be able to change a preexisting character's race. Of course, there'll be a price attached, but it will be doable:

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You will have to pay, in Cartel Coins, to unlock Cathar as a playable species -- 600CC. Then you will have to use a customization station -- at the fleet or your faction's homeworld -- to change your species. All changes through the customization station are charged in Cartel Coins; there's no way to pay for them in credits. Every change you make is charged -- hair, skin, face, eye color, etc. It costs 1200CC to change your species; subscribers get a 34% discount on species change (bringing it down to 792CC) and a 50% discount on other changes. However, if you change your species, all other changes you make during that session are free.

The gear dyes were also released, and implemented horribly. Green and higher gear above level 15 has a 'dye slot' like custom gear has for mods. Into this slot you can put a single dye pack; dye packs are not removable. Some of the dye packs are craftable with Artifice; three are available from the Collector's Edition and Security Key vendors; the remainder are available through cartel market packs.

A dye pack has either one or two colors in it, and will dye the primary color, secondary color, or both, depending on the pack (the texture map for gear is divided up into 'primary', 'secondary', or 'uncolorable' areas; any part of your gear mapped as 'uncolorable' will not be affected by dyes). Because there is only one dye slot, you can't, for example, apply a 'dark green/nothing' dye pack to a piece of armor, then come back later and put in a 'nothing/dark blue' dye pack and get 'dark green/dark blue'; slotting the second pack destroys the first one, even though they affect different parts of your armor. You would need to find a 'double' dye pack, like the 'light blue/dark blue' pack, to recolor both the primary and secondary of your armor.

Buying a dye package from the Cartel Market gets you two randomly-chosen dye packs -- you have no control over what colors you get or whether they'll be primary or secondary or both -- plus a chance of getting a 'rare' dye pack, like 'black/black'. Apparently, Bioware doesn't want all the Sith running around in all-black outfits, so they made sure that if you want to do it, you'll have to pay a sizeable chunk of CC trying to get the right purple dye pack out of the RNG.

For all of us who moved to SWTOR after NCSoft killed City of Heroes, the way Bioware implemented armor dyes is probably the stupidest, most inconvenient, and blatantly money-grubbing move they've pulled in quite a while.

In addition to the Cathar unlock and the dye packs, Bioware also introduced a few 'customization packs' that you can buy off the Cartel Market that give you additional customization options for all your characters -- a 'human hairstyles pack' that gives you access to more hairstyles for human characters. Which you're paying Cartel Coins to obtain... and then more CC to actually use.

All in all, Update 2.1 looks to be Bioware's attempt to buy an automated milking maching for their cash cow; that half of the dye packs are obtainable only through the luck of the draw in the Cartel Market (although there will no doubt be a thriving secondary market from people buying a ton of them and shopping them on the GTN) , and each dye pack is a one-use item, means that the more appearance-minded players will be flooding Bioware's coffers with more cash in the next few weeks.