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We have a LOC chapter on the game, now.

LoCAH - Legion of Catgirls: Arc Hunters

I'm Teeka/Teeki/Myrr@Teeki. We also have Agollo and Akaiku playing. If any kittehs would like to join the clan, send us a message.

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How is Defiance? Is it worth giving them my money? Is it a fun game for finicky cats?

Be Well!

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I'm having fun with it. Mind, they're still ironing out a few bugs. It is freshly launched, after all. But if you like Grand Theft Auto's ability to run over the enemies, Borderlands 1st person shooting, and the post apocalypse type games, and.. you have the extra money to spend, then I'd recommend it. Course, I'd recommend getting the digital deluxe edition. It's a bit more money, but according to the forums, the perks it gives, are well worth it.

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Sweepstakes to win 1 of 10 digital downloads of Defiance.

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Rilldancer is playing this game. He won't stop talking about it and the TV show linked to it.\

The TV show starts this week on SyFy and your actions in the game are supposed to have a chance of affecting the TV show.

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Yep. That's what they say. That your actions can affect the show, as well... they said that your character's likeness may appear in the show, talking about what they'd done in the game. The game will affect the show and the show will affect the game.

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Just tossing my hat here that I am currently playing as well. @chronotwilight Im already in a guild with some friends of mine but if Im around willing to help any kitty in need.

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Watched the Pilot, was pretty decent. Was really neat, hearing the music and all the terms, as well as seeing notable things from the game, in the show. And it does explain a bit that I was hazy on.

Liked seeing the Gem that he stole in the game. Brought a grin, knowing it was stolen from him, as he swindled it from us.

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I only caught the second half of the pilot, but it replays tomorrow morning. I'll try to get up early and watch the first half before work.

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They did a BIG patch and got a bit overzealous. They fixed quite a few issues, but they broke a whole helluva lot of other stuff. So right now, the game is kinda in poor shape till they rectify the problems.

Sad part, is they could temporarily fix the stuff, by simply rolling back the patch, but they, for whatever reason, seem reluctant to.

I'm sure they're working hard to resolve it all, but it's just annoying right now. What with the show, creating hype and a new trailer just being released, it makes me want to play the game, but with all that's broken, I know, playing right now would just irritate me.

Oh well, give it a few days and I'm sure they'll have things somewhat fixed.

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So, they're slowly getting all the fixes in place. SMG, LMG & ARs have their scope UIs back. Only problem I've been having still, is that the client periodically crashes. -A nice guide to the races in the game and show.

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Crashing clients are the worst thing a bug can do.

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It's all running fine, now. They fixed most everything.

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For me, this game sucked so bad I stopped playing it. No decent chat at all (even WoW does it better), and what good is that? Liked the combat system generally, but did not like the way you had to switch movement modes for running vs. riding. The overall level of deficiency finally sealed its fate with me.

Mewkychan =^.^=m