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At this time, I don't think it's possible to find a game we're all comfy with and suits our tastes and is catgirl-friendly. But I may be wrong! This thread is to discuss possible games within which the Legion can play en masse again.

There are only a few things I think we can agree are rilly rilly important:

1. Doesn't cost an arm and a leg (but doesn't have to be F2P.)
2. Can run on slightly older computers.
3. Is something that we can enjoy just going out once a week (at least) and Pounce Things.

I think that we would all like one that "has lots of character customization options," either cosmetically, playstyle, or both.

And, of course, "is fun!"

We're probably not going to find a single game that appeals to all kitties right away. Such a beastie may not exist yet. But that shouldn't keep us from looking!

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I will here list the only non-CoX MMO I've had more than an hour's experience with. It probably doesn't fit the concept and I don't think it meets V-Mink's criteria, but I do think that the foirst step is to list everything we can think of.

It's EVE Online. Spaced-based. I can think of two or three advantages and a bunch of disadvantages.

1) It runs on a single server, so all kittens would be united.
2) For those who preferred the modern tech of CoX to something more purely fantasy, it is high-tech.
3) Eye candy. Last time I checked there were over 5000 separate star systems and all of them have a different look. You could spend all of your time in-game just flying around and looking at stuff and never run out of new things to see.

Disadvantages (the main ones):
1) it is mainly ship-based, not character-based. They may have added a module to let characters leave their ships, but even if they have, most of the action is still ships.
2) Resource-heavy.
3) Cut-throat player culture. While many areas are reserved, legally, for PvE, game mechanics allow PvP everywhere (feature, not bug). If a griefer wants to pay the price, he can gank you anywhere in the EVE universe. And a lot of people get their jollies from doing just that, along with various other cutthroat stuff.
4) On average, pretty slow-paced. A lot of the activity revolves around a market system that makes Wentworth's seem like kindergarten. (The client comes with a built-in calculator and a built-in Web client for checking the EVE markets, if that gives you any idea.)

So all in all, I think we can dispense with that one?

Laufey, feel free to copy or move this comment elsewhere if you want a special section for it.

I will play pretty much any game if playing with the right people. I'm actively subscribed to both Dungeons & Dragons Online and World of Warcraft along with having a lifetime account to Lord of the Rings Online and Champions Online. Our other PC is eight years old and handles DDO and LotRO better than it does WoW. Champions could be a problem and was something I listed more for completeness.

There is also the option of online games that aren't strictly MMOs. Some can be found on Steam, but I imagine the new Torchlight game coming out this month will have low system requirements. There are always direct connect or persistent worlds for games like Neverwinter Nights as well. Heck, could go old school and MUD if we really wanted to, but I haven't looked at code in almost a decade and am lazy to boot so I'm calling, "Not It!"

I know there was a division of the Legion of Catgirls in Star War the Old Republic. I'm not actively subscribed right now and am waiting for it to go free to play. I don't remember the exact server it was on as I was rather spread about. I heard that they are adding the Cathar as a playable race. There likely would be trouble with older computers however.

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o_o never could get into ToR.. I've got an account but.. Eve Online.. its been a long time since I played, can you actually customize your character now? it used to be you chose one of 4 pictures, the background, and could yank their faces about juuuuussst slightly...

>_> in other news, we have SGs/guilds on Spiral Knights, Guild Wars (GW), GW2, and Stronghold Kingdom. for Stronghold though, I recomend skipping, its pretty boring and everyone but me has left now.

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Urg. I've been through a few games. Keep coming back to COH... well, I did... for a multitude of reasons, usually "hey, I get to walk 20 miles to see something I can't solo, then walk back" and "I spent an hour in the character creator to get my look JUST right, and five minutes to screw it up with my first piece of gear."


Stuff I've got accounts on:
Guld Wars: The original. And... well, boring.
LotRO: Haven't fired up in months, honestly.
Aion: Haven't fired up in a long, long time. Got really grindy.
STO: Kind of have fun with this. I think I log into it more than the others (but still rarely enough it keeps telling me to "pick a primary character."_
KOTOR: Grindy, again. No idea what's happened to my characters by now. (Not like I filled my server slots or anything...) And the four-person limit makes it hard to "pounce" anything very hard.

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Really not sure we'll find anything that is quite similar to CoH, for KPFs. Most games that support raid features, generally require more than 8 people.

As for gaming, I've tried Eve. Really was impressed by the eye candy, but the pvp threw me off, after several griefers came into a "safe" zone and started blowing everyone up. The Real Time skills advancement was another negative point for me. Only way to advance to the really high lvl stuff, was to have been on the game, for years. Didn't mind the market though, that was rather entertaining, to find deals in 1 system then transport them to another system for profit. Reminded me a lot, of the series, Firefly, or the old BBS game, Tradewars.

I gave LotRO a go, many years back. Just couldn't get into it, myself. And well, the animations and graphics for it are dated, now a days. Did like playing the pvp side of things there tho. Like being a monster, especially when you get a horde of monsters together to go "SMASH and BASH DA Emeny!".

Still have an active sub to SW:TOR. I like it, but I'm waiting for Cathars to be released before I make a new character and play it up. Also have a lifetime sub to Champions online (tho I rarely play it) and TSW, but I've rather drifted away from that. Aion, as stated, was super grindy. Rift, was fun, but noone I knew was playing it and I got bored of solo'ing. STO, was entertaining for awhile, but like any kitteh, I lost interest as I found other shinies. I still have accounts with WoW, AO, AoC, EQ1 and EQ2, but never play them.

The new shiny, right now, is GW2. Definitely doesn't play like the original. It's a 1 time fee for the game, then it's F2P. It's quite entertaining and many who were on the fence about it, seem to have become addicted once they started playing. It's an easy game, all n' all. The level cap is 80 and there's already a lot of level 80s running around. Heck, the 1st level 80, made level cap in the 3 days head start, just from crafting, while his guild mates fed him crafting materials. Game doesn't stop at level 80 tho. There are, raid features, but so far, the raids are open to everyone and kinda random. Usually a zerg type event. There are also dungeons, though I think it's a limit on group size, but I'm not sure since the largest group I'm usually in, is Pep, HK and myself. Also, going into the lower zones, will exempt you down so that things are still worth experience and fun to fight, instead of you simply stomping everything down.

Looking forward to PlanetSide 2. Would be fun, to have a guild of us, there, but there's still awhile to wait for that game to go live.

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The cut-throat culture of EVE isn't so bad, if you have a fleet of your own. We could be a formidable fleet. Unfortunately, EVE has much higher system requirements than CoX and I expect many of us wouldn't be able to run it. The game files are also over 4G.

A few years ago, there was talk of a Legion of Catgirls in Second Life. I don't know if that ever went anywhere, but if all you want are character building options, Second Life has everyone beat. There's not much to pounce, but we could pitch in and buy an island and turn it into a PvP arena, or buy some destroyable monsters to set loose.

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I have accounts in Champions, DCUO, DDO, & LotRO. Also Aion. I could possibly retrieve my accounts in WoW or EQ. Culach and Shakti Mai are currently offline and will be for a while, but I know that they also have accounts in those same games, since I played with them and formed SGs with them.

Be Well!

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I have tried Aion and Lineage II from NCSoft. blech!

GW2 - new, has nice bits. Several LoC's are already there. If you get the right Asuran face and ears, you toons will look "kinda kitty." Charr ARE kitties (mostly). Original GW - "been there done that, done it to death, and no kitties."

World of Warcraft - second real MMORPG I played and stuck with. STILL playing although if NCSoft hadn't scuttled COH I was thinking of scuttling it. New Mists of Pandaria has panda people, Worgens are werewolves, so not very kitty at all.

Final Fantasy XI - first real MMORPG. Liked this one a lot - it had catgirls (Mithrans). Suffers from non-soloable content in critical places. Is not F2P, costs $10 per month for ONE toon, who can, in time, learn every class and I believe every crafting profession too. Can get extra toon slots and "special features" for extra monthly fees.

NWN - D20 D&D-based, and NOT MMO, but you can make your own worlds and even hack the various "skins" if you've a mind to. NWN Persistent Worlds can host up to 40 toons at one time, so it would be a kind of limited. There were a LARGE number of "hakpacks" for NWN that allowed for all kinds of "strange play." One of the oldest servers is "Kinky Kingdom." The NWN toolkits permit altering a LOT of the game. Originally, the NWN developers looked on NWN as a "game master's toolkit" so game masters could create their own adventures and then moderate them or let them run automatically. Maybe a "Kitty Kingdom" would be a possibility if we could get some graphical developers to create cat-girl models.

Mewkychan =^.^=m

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Yes, I have NWN2 and most of the expansions.

Also, there is a NWN MMO in the works, which might be tons of fun. Or not.

Be Well!

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Lets see....well someone mentioned Champions....its ok....its a bit short and sometimes puts me to sleep...but you can fly...and does have alot of things that would be fun for a group to do.

Someone mentioned FFXI....played board with it...combat literaly started putting me to sleep...then there was the 30 minutes travel time across the ferry.

ok so i looked up the Secret does have costumes....not sure of what or what it offers....allthe looks like it might have some real fun group things to aside from solo play you could do a kitty pounce force to beat up some majoar boss type enemy.

Personaly for games not out yet....yes Never Wintor Nights is coming out....but if its goign to be based on Dungeons and DUngeons and Dragons Online....its going to be in your wizard willhave 4 hit start...yuo will only be able to memorize 4 spells a day at start and thats if you tweek the in comabt you cast magic missle 3 times....or maybe are tapped out for hte rest of the as you can not a fan of Dungeons and Dragons Online or Never Winter Nights....they wouldhave too much stupidity in them.

Now for games coming out....I was looking at Elder Scrolls Online....that looks like it might be alot of fun....

Been trying other online games too....but they are only ok....Torchlight 2, borderlands 2, even older titles.....they are good but not I think what will cut the mustard

Probably going to try out the Secret World if it goes a bit cheaper in the next week...its 25% on steam until the 5th of January.

I would suggest Jade Dynasty, but after a while it no longer becomes about missions and more about grinding and if you are in a guild or have a master or are a master its about progressing that stuff....
So i dont know if that would be someting the legion would be interested in.

I will say i recall doing a huge battle in jade guild against was fun....but like all fantasy games....gets a bit one sided....low level gets hammered by higher leveled characters

Perfect world has catgirls in it....but its a weird game alot like jade dynasty.....i prefer jade dynasty though.

Aside from one of the existing hero games I don't know that there is a home for us. But looking forward...

The folks over on the Titan network have formed a company of sorts revolving around what was originally called "Plan Z" they are slowly moving forward with that and I think that it is something that the legion can help with. They are starting a drive to build content and to create a universe. We at least to honor COH should plant the Legion in that universe.

What we stand to gain. Cat ears. No seriously. If we can build in a bit of Catgirl history into the game then it will be easy to ask for more cat type improvements later. So perhaps we can form a group there and start to help them build a world where we can be heroic again. We could even use these forums and steam to discuss our topics of choice and present powerful well thought out ideas that mesh well with the rest of the world. At the very least it brings us together perhaps once a week to talk and chat and maybe, maybe do something really heroic.

Linkie to that endeavor:

I think that we may also find a home of sorts in Wildstar but I haven't been following that game very much. We may have to forgo cat ears for bunny ears but that's splitting hares.

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Ageof Conan
It's not family-friendly, but I've been meeting a lot of very cool people. It also completely lacks non-humans, so no catgirls. However, this is the sink that has been absorbing most of my time, lately.

I've also been playing a bit of this and despite the lack of true customization in face and costume, it's a good game. Where it fails is in teaming options.
For some content, a team is essential, it's designed to challenge a full team of 4. This means that most of the regular content becomes nearly trivial, when a CoH-trained team goes to work. The same team, playing vs a Team-challenge, gets ravaged by boss-mobs that don't scale and mission arcs that Require boss-mob defeats... then those bosses completely regenerate when you are defeated. Often, the whole encounter has to be replayed from the top. Frustrating.
Still, it's a fine game for solo and small-team adventuring.

I tried out RIFT and I kinda like it, but it's not quite as compelling as AoC. Would be more of a draw, if I had others to play with.

I revived my EQ account on a dare and... gods, they've butchered it. Also, I'd forgotten how dated the graphics were. WoW doesn't attract me at all, but I never had that much invested in it anyway.

I've also been playing Champions, from time to time. I love being 'Super', I love designing my own costume, and I love being able to put a tail on, when appropriate. Frankly, there are a ton of familiar and good things about this game... and after doing the missions over and over with various characters, I realize that it really lacks content, particularly in the lower levels.
CoH had some of this problem, with continually doing the same KIND of mission, but CO makes you do the exact Same mission and the mobs are always the Same and always in the same Place. If you have a team, it becomes a matter of leap-frogging through at speed, because the challenge doesn't scale. And there is only one path through this content.

As for the Plan Z 'Phoenix Project', I agree, if we made a concerted effort and proposed a cohesive proposal for a Catgirl group, it could get written in from the beginning... What am I saying? 'Cohesive Catgirls'? I'm pretty sure that is an oxymoron.
The Legion is a happy grouping, but the Catgirls, themselves, are every kind of random. The only path I see to 'cohesive' would be to introduce some hero/fan/villain group of Generic Catgirls into the Titan project and that just doesn't sound like fun.

Still, there ought to be a dozen fun ways for the Legion to contribute to the project and I encourage everyone to do so! I'm watching and reading and occasionally posting and stirring up ideas.

Be Well!