The guild bank stuffz....

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A person took them all. Sadly dunno who let them in SG, but is mew's fault cause mew is super lazy at admin.

So, now cubs can't take stuffs or invte cept from one currently empty tab. Cats can invite/take stuffs but can't promote cubs. Betas/alphas (not sure if have them?) can promote people.

Mew said in MOTD to come here and mew if someone needs promotions...


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Aw Nuts! Err, I did invite two or three, months ago, but never promoted them. I invited Galactikatt, but I know s/he's a 'real' CoH catgirl, so I know they didn't do bad things. The others seemed like nice good people, too.

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i've never used the GB, I was going to ask what needs to go in it. All I can imagine is food and siege weapons though, gw2 doesn't have a lot of consumables or valuables beyond that it seems.

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... But this is Champions Online.

There were Tanks and weapons and rare drops from waaay back in there!

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Out usual policy in LoC chapters has been to deny take permission to cubs. Once a new member is trusted, they can be promoted a step so they can have access. Anything you don't want trusted members to use should be stored somewhere else, not in guild storage.

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>.> bit late I know, but yeah, we've always had it so cubs couldn't take from the bank (applicable to all games where applicable) and if they want something from it, they're strongly encouraged to ask someone to grab it for them.

o.o was less a problem in CoH since we usually didn't keep anything to rare in them, like HOs or purples.. in the case where I saw such in a table, I usually yanked it and put it into one of the higher security ones.

not sure the permissions allowed in CO since they didn't have sg storage when I last played (speaking of which, if someone reminds me in May (2013), I'll try and activate my CO account and hop on occasionally!)

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Every time I put an HO in a table, it was because I was hoping somebody could use it. Low level HO's weren't worth all that much, anyway.