Rise of the Hutt Cartel

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...anyone getting it? Thoughts? Comments?


I pre-ordered it as a little gift to myself, since I'm really enjoying myself here. $10 for an expansion doesn't seem too bad-- 5 levels, a new planet, etc. Wonder if Cathars will be in the expansion? <.< Current notes don't say so, but a girl can hope =^^=

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Pep, Agollo and Myself, all purchased it.

They haven't released much info, but, if Cathars are with it, they'll be for sale on the cartel market, and not with the price of the expansion. So, save up some cartel points for those. =D

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Im getting it too very soon on pre order.

I finaly got Ana to 50 so im hoding off on doing any further misisons she has in order to gain what little exp she can from the lower level ones.