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Crossposting from FB Guardian server: Is anyone here playing EVE Online? Can anyone give me a reason to stay on it? I love the ships and the eye candy . . . but after having trained for months and months in order to be able to mine in lo-security space, I'm still getting ganked by PVPers within about 30 seconds, and losing millions each time. Really, it just costs WAY too much time and energy to be able to do the fun stuff in that game with an acceptable degree of risk. Such a shame . . .

Unfortunately, it has always been like that. I played for about a year about 5 years ago... less eye candy, but still was pretty cool, and I did like how they take a rather realistic view on space combat, however the pervasive PVP eventually just pissed me off far too much. If you're in a large enough corporation that can protect you, I suppose that wouldn't be such a problem, you could get guildmates to protect you while you mine, etc.

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Actually, Ariel' has started playing, and we are doing a lot of PvE together. This has made the game much better for me, and I was wondering if any other kitties would like to join us. They have 14 and 21 day trials and I'd like to see more of us there. If you want to give it a try, please shoot me a message and I'll tell you where/how to find us.

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Well, I have 3 accounts on there. Had to reactivate all 3, to figure out why I had 3. Think... one was going to be my miner, one used for hauling and the third was my escort. But, I have no idea anymore. Anyways, I activated my accounts, so I'll poke around with you two, if ya want. Don't remember how to play really though, and have no idea what I was supposed to train my skills in, next. I have a lot of stuff stored and a bunch of ships, including hulks and battleships. Don't think I can actually use the battleships tho. Think I needed to train my weapons skills, but I soooooo don't remember. I do remember there was a website when I played last, that showed you what skills you needed to pilot what ship, but I've got no idea even if that site is still around.

I think, the last time I was on, I got raided and had a battleship blown up, which is mondo expensive, which might have been why I quit playing. I wasn't even in low sec. I was just moving my ship to my main storage. I can pilot the ships as said, but think I lacked the weapons skills to fire at stuff. Any who, let me know. I reactivated my facebook and sent you a friend request and message, you can also reach me on steam.

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So, are you two part of a corp? I still haven't found a corp like my very first one. There were only like 11 of us or so, but we did loads of things together. Mining operations were a hoot, just goofing in chat, while we worked... some of us as miners, some as haulers and a couple on patrol for (pie)rats. *shakes fist at those naughty rats!* A good corp makes a huge difference in the game. The game goes from big and scary, to fun and social. A good corp will also set you up with ships and gear. They'll help you along in the game.

Anyways, I looked over my skills n' whatnot on my combat pilot. She has everything she needs to pilot and gun, in a battleship. Problem is, I lack equipment on my Abaddon. Think I ran out of cash and the small corp I was part of, didn't want to help me at that point, with equipment. Course, looks like that corp went bellyup while I was away. I was the only active member, for awhile now.

It would benefit us, to find a good corp as soon as we can. It's rough to go at the game alone. Course, I still have to find the two of you in the game, so we can do stuff together. =^_^= Oh. I befriended Ariel' on facebook. At least, I think it's the Ariel', you are gaming with. She showed that she'd just got a new cruiser, in Eve. Still waiting on your friend request to be accepted, Gypsy.

I'm not as far as I probably should be with Skills n' all. I haven't been active for all the time I've had my accounts. As said, I have 3 accounts. You can only have active queue training on 1 character, per account. Or at least, that used to be the case, which is why I have 3.

Na'Mea (Combat Pilot) 4,080,732 Skill Points.
Lilla Saru (Miner) 4,783,377 Skill Points.
Athira Tamika (Scout) 3,876,119 Skill Points.

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I know what you mean about the griefing and losing expensive stuff in hi-sec. That's why I quit too. You had/have the same setup as me, 1 miner, 1 hauler, 1 escort. And yes, I am having to do a lot of re-learning. One indispensible app is Evemon, which is like a Mids' Hero Designer squared (or cubed), which lets you plan skills, see what skills allow what items to be used, what items require what skills, how long it will take to train skills to use an item, what fittings other people use on what ships, and so forth.

Ariel's name in-game is Ariel Olerie. My three current mains are Johanna Grayson, Honora Xavier, and Rowan Angelique. I have my own corp for sharing resources among the three. We're hanging out in Gallente space, around Aufay Bourynes, and thereabouts.

I have plenty of in-game money because of a new policy that lets you trade a time card for ISK. Makes losing big ships less painful. I'll be happy to share some ISK with you.

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This weekend on Eve, there was an epic battle. 3000 ships in the battle, with 5000 more, simply unable to get into the system to join the fight. Fight was between GoonSwarm and Test, along with all the associated alliances. At the end of the article, there's a video link, showing the fight. It's sped up 10x, cause the lag during the fight was only allowing people 2-5 fps.


Well, seeing you and Ariel' talk about it on Facebook has me curious. I'll send you a note there to see where to find you and if I can be helpful in the little time I may have for it.