Blueberry Cat

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My "daughter": a Magic-origin Psychic Blast/Storm Summoning Defender. She only got to Level 48 before the COH Multiverse imploded.

Real name: Cyndi Lee Diamond

Golden Age (City of Heroes) Blueberry Cat

1st Costume: The one she quickly assembled when her mother and grandmother revealed to her that she was heir to the Legacy of Blueberry Cat.

2nd Costume: Based on her Mother, Lucy's costume (She was the Blueberry Cat of the 1980's-See the aerobics leg warmers? ~_^ )

3rd Costume: Based on her Grandmother, Dinah's costume (She was the Blueberry Cat of the 1960's-That's why she adopted the Peace symbol. And the hair. And the Emma Peel bodysuit.)

4th Costume: This one was Cyndi's own individual idea.

5th Costume: Used when traveling to exotic locales. Like Cimerora. I miss Cimerora.

6th and final COH costume: Because the world can't have enough Cat-Maids ^_^

After Finishing the next to last KPF (Manticore), and dressed in her original costume, she bowed out to her fellow Catgirls in Croatoa, and off she went to dance the Apocalypse away.

Then, sudden darkness. There was no pain. Then a little star appears in the distance, becoming bigger and bigger, as if she was being pulled towards it. Finally Cyndi is enveloped by the light and then...

the cries of a newborn baby girl.

***Twenty Years Later***

Millenium City is under attack by the Qularr! Cynthia Louise Diamant, a student at Millenium City College, takes the chance to use the wondrous powers she's been granted by fate.

And thus, Blueberry Cat, Once a Hero of the Lost-but-Not-Forgotten Paragon City, is Reborn in this New Earth as a Millennium City Champion!

Yes, she's heterochromic (different colored eyes)

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Glad you could start over/again. :D

Just comparing those screenshots, though... <_<;;

Champions is just sooooo different in character models. o_O