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Is the entire game stacked this heavily toward forcing people into teaming?

I have the "Recover the explosives" Heroic 2+ mission in Dromund Kaas, a level-12 mission. After seeing that the missions I was getting were all level-16 missions, while I had only reached 14 (not subscribing yet, if at all, judging from what the gameplay has been so far), I figured to give it a shot, as I was two levels past the level of the mission... and got flattened by the elite who was the third wave of rebel slaves. Two levels of advancement isn't enough to get past the "three minions == one hero" mentality that SWTOR seems to have -- and that CoH had while Jack Emmert was at the helm of the game's direction.

There doesn't appear to be enough content that isn't tailored to jam you into a team whether you want to or not to keep your advancement up to the missions if you don't subscribe, and your incremental power gain as you level isn't sufficient to let you do the 'heroic' missions without them.

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I've soloed a Sith Juggernaut to 21 and have had an overflow of regular non-team-related missions (I refuse to join pick up groups, ever, because I just don't like teaming. I have to be in the right mood, which is almost never). There should be several contacts in the various areas of Dromund Kass-- sometimes you need to head back into the city or campsites to look around for new gold triangles.

This doesn't seem to be a VIP vs free issue, though, as my partner is a free player and has had an overabundance of missions for his smuggler (level 20, and still very busy on Taris).

I looked around for a list of quests and NPCs in your zone and found this: http://www.ign.com/wikis/star-wars-the-old-republic/Dromund_Kaas It might help you find a few things that you may not have done yet. Also, Heroics and Flashpoints aren't mandatory at all. If you don't want to do one, just abandon the mission.

I hope that helps some.

I haven't seen anything about what servers people are mussing about upon. Pretty much all of my assortment of characters are on The Ebon Hawk.

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We have guilds on Harbinger and Shadowlands. I think it's mentioned in the other thread somewhere: http://www.legionofcatgirls.com/node/44

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Well, to be fair, trying to do a Heroic solo at a level lower than the mission's level is an exercise in frustration. At least in the beginning. Once you get more levels, with more skills, and some blue or purple gear (on both you and your companion), soloing Heroic 2, or even Heroic 2+, are more likely to be successful.

Mind you, Heroics in an instance are one thing, Heroics in an area are another. If there's no other players in the area, stuff will respawn, making life difficult. In a private instance, you can take your time without worry. Now if it's an open area Heroic and other players ARE there, you'll have fewer enemies to deal with, and can probably complete the mission.

Or just skip the Heroic missions if you're soloing. :P

Oddly, the game doesn't tell you it's Heroic until you choose it, so just open the Codex and Abandon the mission if you don't want it (or Untrack it until later, so it doesn't fill your screen with uneeded info).

Oh, and as far as the lack of content in order to keep your level up for unsubscribers... yeah, free players get something like 80% of the xp subscribers get. Plus you have to wait later to Sprint... and get your speeder... and lack the ability to teleport to bind locations... or rez yourself in the field... or a bunch of other stuff that just makes it annoying to play free... -_-;;

It's a pretty neat game under the timesink crap, but geez, they make you dig for it. >_>;;

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I've run Heroic stuff solo, but unless I've got awesome tankyness, or major burst damage, I often Suffer getting through it. However, in those open Heroic areas, like Chamber of Speech, I've often formed impromptu 'not-teams' with others that were also soloing. Take turns grabbing the aggro/credit and then contribute enough damage/buffage to keep the other guy from dying. Watching each other's backs, in case of extra aggro from other spawns. Basically the same things one would do in a regular team, except without the formality of forming a group.

So, yeah, it's do-able, but a lot more fun if you have a partner or two.

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