Age of Conan

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I'd heard from a few people that this was a good game and it's just gone F2P, so I thought I'd try it...

Very Interesting!

It has an unusual (in my experience) active/reactive melee system, where you must chose which direction each blow is going, as well as coordinating Shield directions. I haven't had a chance, yet, to try the magic system.

However, this is very definitely a Mature game, not Teen. Some powers will result in be-heading your opponent and splashing blood all over your camera/face, which is the most disturbing energy-return mechanism I've ever experienced. Further, several of the NPCs will happily offer you sexual relations in frank exchange for... whatever. So, yeah, visceral Robert E. Howard experience available here.

I've only started exploring. Does anyone else have experience with this game that they'd be willing to share?

Be Well!

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I played it up to 20 something. At that level, the game becomes very, unpolished and a definite grind. Course, this was a while back, so I don't know if they've changed anything. I did really enjoy the lower levels, though.

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Ashen plays it off and on-- mostly off. He's got a demonologit in the level 20 range, but it never kept his attention like LotRO and SWTOR have.

Me, I wasn't that much of a fan. I played a cleric for awhile, and to me, it was kind of like an MMO set in a Conan-themed strip joint, what with all the naked chicks who wiggled up to my guy asking for money or items.

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In case you'd like to try it out.