Keeping In Touch

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How do we keep in touch with each other?

Let's collect up all the ways we know! Post them in this thread.

There is a Steam group for the Legion of Catgirls:
There is now a Steam group for Guardian players:

There is a Facebook group for Guardian players:
There is also a Facebook group for Champion players:

What else do we know?

I don't want to make anyone feel like they should share information they aren't comfortable sharing. Your privacy is valuable, and it isn't worth giving that up if you don't want to.

Any of you who want to are welcome to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable posting publicly on the Internet. Right now anyone can see these posts!

That being said, you're all welcome to find me personally.

On Steam, I'm Laufeyjarson. Look for the fox icon.

On Facebook, I'm Laufeyjarson.
On Google+, I'm

You can e-mail me as or

Coph Nia's picture

Well, let me see....

On Steam, I'm cophnia
On Yahoo IM, I'm novembertrees
Facebook: (mostly me rattling on about my cats and games and stuff)

And if you want to email me, I'm,, and

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On Steam I'm viciousmink
Here, I'm... V-Mink!

Considering how much time I spend away from IM during the day, it's pointless to send me messages that way. :(

but I can also be reached at


I'm nymie_the_pooh on Steam and my facebook page I believe is I haven't been around much over the past few years and am not online much so understand if putting my information up comes across as a bit odd, but I wouldn't mind getting to know more kitties.

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>.> Sleepy here obviously, I'm "The Napping Cat(A Sleepy Kitty)" on steam, for email and I think its "CoH Sleepy Kitty" on AIM.

o.o;; sorry, got off facebook years ago, just way to much spam there.

I know what you mean about spam on Facebook. I will keep up with it for a couple of days then not check in for a couple of months. Google+ has been easier to keep up with so far.

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On Steam Im ChronoTwilight, I noticed the steam group a while back but for some reason always never thought to re joing with my fellow kitties there.

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mew mew!

Mew can be found on Steam under Sukalangley
my email is
mew is on facebook alot

catsi563's picture

*sneak into thread*

*leave pie*

*slwoly fade away with big cheshire cat grin left floating in air*

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I saw that, Catsi <.

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I thought I'd also mention that I'm on Ravelry (social network for knitters/crocheters/spinners/weavers) as Dreamblood. You know, just in case anyone else is as interested in yarn as I am. I'm also on DeviantArt as novembertrees, and my personal website (which needs to be updated in a big way) is ^.^

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My handle on the sometimes maligned service is Slate Grey.

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We could also make an XFire group.

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I use a lot of different names--got into the habit from triple-boxing. On Steam I'm in the LoC group under Gypsy Witch, who comes closest to being my CoH main. She has a FB page at

If you see a Goth Witch or a Lady of Situations floating around, that's likely me as well.

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Even now at the end, I can't let you guys just disappear. I'm Astribulus just about everywhere.

Who I was in Paragon: @Astribulus
CoH Guardian Cats: Twilit Kitten, Uppercat, Feline Fervor

Who I still am now:
Steam: Astribulus
In other MMOs: Open to a new home as Astribulus

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Hi ya, Zena Here.
My Blog on Blogger:
Google Plus Page:
Steam: BBuckley58
I'm also on Teamspeak as well.

Feel frees to contacts me any time!! :-)


Zena Cat