Showdown in the LItterbox

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Catsi, from the CoH forums:




=^_^= ROADTRIP!!!!!

*pile into the littebrox RV hop in drivers seat*

*rev engine and sam paw on gas*

*peel out of dive way and down roa narrolwy missing traffic*

*bounce down road wif kitties in back*

*narrowly miss low flying helecoptor*

*drive RV off int sunset wf happy kittehs inside an Pep-istan liscence plate an I luv kittes bumper sticker on back*

cuz adventure never ends , and ours haz only begun


*falls off RV* Ooof! =>_<=



Hmm, this might do.... =o_O=

Fireheart's picture

If we're going on a roadtrip, shouldn't we take this crazy crew somewhere where there is Hero-ing to do?

We could go to Disneyland! I hear they have a giant mouse problem.

Be Well!

Coph Nia's picture

*sets up a box fort*
*litters the front yard with legos*
*sits back with popcorn to watch the show*

The lawnmower is going to make some terrible sounds.

Coph Nia's picture

Issa good defense/alarm system! Ever stepped on Legos barefoot?

PepCat's picture

*pulls legos off jelly-bean feet* >_>/#

*tosses legos at laufey* ^_^/ -----# <.

*must not nibble Pep's jelly-bean feet*

Sleepy Kitty's picture

*naps behind the boxfort*

Myrr's picture

*tosses pillows into the channel and builds a pillow fort around the boxfort*

There! Now the fort has been reinforced!

*dusts off paws* *collapses atop sleepy n' snoozes* -.-

Coph Nia's picture

Kitty pile!
*death-from-above onto Myrr and Sleepy*

PepCat's picture

Gah, mew is pounced from above! =>_<=

*uses myrr as a shield* >_>/o.o <.<=====

Myrr's picture

*sputters awake, flailing arms* Wha!?who!?W'ere!?!

Fireheart's picture

*tosses Jello Mousies around the Box-Pillow Fort*

*Jello Mousies go wibble-wobble*
> > > ///
\\\ < < <

Be Well!

Coph Nia's picture

*naps inside the box and pillow fort*


mantid's picture

*Snuggles up to Nia' tail*


Kittypile! *pounces kittypile, snoozes*

PepCat's picture



*runs away* <_<____________________________________

*runs towards kittypile* ___________________________>_>;; (z.z)(z.z)(z.z)

MEEEEEEYAAAaaaaahhhh.... ____/>_<

*pounces the entire kittypile* \/=^_^ (@.@)(@.@)(@.@)

Coph Nia's picture

*muffled under teh kittehpile*
Is awake!

PepCat's picture




*naps on top of kittypile*


mantid's picture

Get me out of here! These cats are heavy!


PepCat's picture

Eep! =O_O=

There's a buggie in here! =>_<=

*runs off* ________________>_>;;

*comes back with Raid* []\<_<___________________

*squirt squirt squirt* >_>/[]*** *foof foof*

PepCat's picture

*Santa Pep lands in the Litterbox*

Oof! =>_<=

Mew hands out prezzies to all teh good kitties! >_>/ o.o o.o o.o z.z

Mew hands out used kitty litter to all teh naughty ones. >_>/ >.< (myrr)

*is suddenly pounced*

Mewk! =@_@=

Mew has been attacked by teh naughty catsi! =O_O=

Mew has proof! <_<;; Secret video footage of teh catsi pouncing mew and stealing mews peppermints!

catsi563's picture

*big cheshire cat grin fades into existence*

*catsi fades into existence*

*reach over and grab cheshrie cat grin and place on face*

*float along like balloon*

PepCat's picture

Egads, the terrifying catsi-balloon! =O_O=

It's quiet, kitties.

PepCat's picture

*plays trombone, crashes cymbals, bounces on drums*


yeah, quiet... =-_-=

Underfoot (all serious like):
"This is a test of the Reality Alert System.
If this had been an actual alert, the Attention Signal you just heard
would have been followed by instructions to get a grip.
This was only a test. We now return you to regularly scheduled lunacy."
*rolls out of chair laughing*

(This public service courtesy of Kats Against Organization & Sanity :P)
This thread is now officially K.A.O.S.ed

PepCat's picture

Not teh dreaded KAOS! =O_O=



*pounces everybody that peeks into this thread* >_>

PepCat's picture

*is pounced by Pep* >_<

... wait. o_O

Sleepy Kitty's picture

o_o *gasp!* pep lagged to much!

PepCat's picture

*pokes Sleepy with a poking stick* >_>-- z.z

Fireheart's picture

*stares at big empty space*

*tries to assume a position named after a flower*

*stares at big empty space, some more*


PepCat's picture

*assists Fireheart in attempting positions*

Lessee, this goes there, this goes here... >_>/ @.@

Hmm... don't think it's supposed to bend that way. <_<;; @.@!!!

*sticks peppermint in FH's nose, runs off*

woo! <_<________________ O@O;;

Fireheart's picture

My whatzit shouldn't be touching that!


Ooo! Everything's so Minty!

*falls over*

PepCat's picture

_____________>_> x.x

*applies CPR with plunger*

>_>/=Cx.x *shooka shooka*

Shakti's picture

Quote Pepcat: "*applies CPR with plunger*"

Oh no!.. Pepcat's got his tongue!


  When mew see yew, mew kant halp havin dis reakshun!

Fireheart's picture

Ark! Argle-bargle gart!

PepCat's picture

Mew knows NOTHING! =O_O=

*runs off* _____________>_>

*runs back* <_<______________________

*blames myrr* o.o! --<_< Is true

*runs off again* _____________________>_>

Fireheart's picture

What just happened here?

*makes sure insides are still inside*

*makes sure outsides are still outside*

*wonders what Myrr is doing*


*wonders if You are pondering the same thing*

Be Well!

*Shoots Pep with the Plunger Gatling Gun*





>_< Oooh right on the kisser

*picks up the bag of mints Pep had and starts handing them out to every kitty*

*places the Plunger Gatling Gun in Myrr's room, wipes off incriminating paw prints*

*leaves a note*

To all kittehs,
I shot Pep.



PepCat's picture


*dead and mintless*

Fireheart's picture

o_o *wanders in and looks around*

O_O *sees Pep-cicle onna Stick*

*looks at the Pep, then looks at hand*

*looks at the Pep, then looks at Hand*

In the Hand is a Jumbo-Super Mint-Chocolate Milkshake with Minty Sprinkles.

*takes a slurp of milkshake*



*carefully sets milkshake in safe place*

*tries to remove plunger*

Shoonka<- >Pry>... Pop!

*looks at Pep's face*

Eww! It has gone all lumpy and spongy!

*tries to put Pep's face back in the right shape*

*knead-knead, squeeze, poke, fold, spindle, mangle*

*observes the result...*

Still looks kinda melty, but it will have to do.

*pries Pep's jaw wide-open*

*keeps Prying until Pep is all Wide-Open*


*has another slurp of milkshake*


*pours entire Jumbo-Super Mint-Chocolate Milkshake with Minty Sprinkles into Pep's face*

Don't spill any!

*grabs plunger and PLUNGES until minty-chocolate goodness has been driven all the way to Pep's toes!*


*a little bit of milkshake leaks from Pep's ears*

There, that should do it.

She was only Mostly Dead.

PepCat's picture





*burp* >_>

Minty Fresh o_O

Myrr's picture

*BOUNCY-BOUNCY-BOUNCIES Atop Teh Minty-renewed Pep*

PepCat's picture

*is dead again from myrr-bouncing* X_X

PepCat's picture



Myrr's picture

*whaps Pep's noggin with a squeaky hammer*

>_>/P)) x_X

PepCat's picture

Gah! @_@

*ducks into hole*

Fireheart's picture

*rolls dingle-ball towards hole*

>> __ >> __ >> dingle-dingle

@Living Lightning's picture

*tugs Fireheart's tail*
Mew ha ha ha!! ...oh dagnabbit, you have me 'mewing' again. Stop that!

Fireheart's picture

*spins around, trying to protect tail*

*spins really fast!*

*falls over, dizzy*

*looks around... spots tail*

*Pounces Tail!*

=0.O= *SOMETHING has my Tail!!*

*spins around fast*

*Must Protect the Holy Tail!*

*falls over, dizzy again*

Be Well!