What to grab and how to do it in the last week of play!

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Hello and Mew to all!

I'm sure many of you put together some sort of 'Sunset List' once we heard the lights we're going to be turned off in the city. While I've covered the highest priorities of mine there is a lot that hasn't been done and at this point won't likely be accomplished. But with only a week to go, I'm again looking over my list and trying to make sure I get what I can or at least be aware of what I may or may not get so I'm not going 'Oh Shucks, I thought I took care of that!' after it's all shutdown.

To that end I have a few questions and am asking for some advice.

First of all do we know of Paragon Wiki will be up and running for any time after shutdown? A few days? A few weeks? Indefinitely?

I hope it stays up awhile. I'd love to read over many of the pages and maybe save some of the info. I also had recently been checking for the music and found the music files are listed on the wiki (though it has been a little difficult for me to get proper downloads).

The XML files created with Sentinel of course have a lot of character information but I do want more information recorded if only for myself. I may be taking a heck of a lot of screenshots over the next week. I may also record information on my AE arcs, but I'm not sure just how detailed I will be. Really wish we could save the costume creator as I could still spend days creating new costume looks for current and new characters. I suppose the next question is...

Besides XML files of our characters, what information can we save and how?

And while I realize many of you may laugh, I still have some tokens I haven't used and points I haven't made purchases with. I did recently get quite a few of the super packs which I had never used before the shutdown announcement (and I think I have all of the elemental order costume pieces) and claimed goodies. I was also going to buy the last three costumes slots I don't have the other night but it seems those have already been removed from the market. So lastly, and yeah I know I've run a bit long,...

How do you suggest I use my final tokens and paragon points?

I would like to thank in advance any who offer answers or suggestions to my questions.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll have an avatar put up before the shutdown.

Thanks Gang


TonyV has said several times now that Paragon Wiki will be available indefinitely after the game goes away. Same for all the Titan sites. That's good.

The CoH site and forums will probably go down when the game does, so make any contacts there you need, or save stuff from them this week.

You can make demorecords of your character doing stuff, and play them back using the client, even without the servers. So make demorecords!

I've been using fraps to record video. I've got a zillion screenshots and several hundred gigs of video now. Not sure how to share it yet.

If you play through Steam, you can take screenies with Steam, and store them on Steam for others to see.

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I am not planning to use the rest of my tokens. There's nothing left I want.

I thought of using up my free transfers so I could have XML data of the same characters on multiple servers, but there's really no point to that, either.

One thing I would like to see you save would be screenshots of our supergroup bases. I won't have time to enter every one of them for final screenshots.

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There's piles of usable audio/visual information there, like character graphic information and game music, even if it seems unreachable now.

I bet someone on Titan is working on an extractor/decoder/decrypter for the piggs and oggs.

Mewkychan =^.^=m

The game client can also play back demorecord files. I know I made many. I think Sleepy got the LoC bases, too.

Thanks for the responses (and of course to our continued in-game help). I wish I had played with demorecord earlier. When Laufey mentioned that it was like ' I should having been doing that for months if not years'. Truth is before I had never bothered to find out just what it took to accomplish that and what could be done; nor willing to spend a lot of time learning. I did try a couple and I have files (think on my desktop not laptop) but wasn't able to get them to play back. Likely something I'm doing or not doing, but I may try messing with them again. would be nice if I only got part of the first one, as I was in Talos looking down on the 'hill' while three Jade Spiders and a slew of heroes were around.

Anyway I just wanted to say I appreciated the help.

I'm not starting any other game until 2013, which of course is just a few weeks away, and then I will have to see what I can budget. By 'budget' it will almost certainly have to be free to play, able to play on my laptop, and I will have to see how much time I can give it.