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We have a (guild), LoCAD: Legion of catgirls Armored Division, on world of tanks. Think Anna Puma is the leader of it.

I r tanky Leader

I r tanky Leader

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I always suspected you liked to get tanked.

yup nothing like a 5th to make it more fun Lord Xeno

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I play World of Tanks as well; my handle and account name is 'srmalloy' there, as well.

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Ok. Anyone who wishes to join LoCAD (Legion of Catgirls: Armored Division). Create an account, then Goto and from the menu at the right upper corner, choose Join Clan. Also, Anna Puma set us up a clan image:

I have checked and made the latest people in the LOCAD recruiters and anyone that is a member of LOCAD can if they know the person's user name for WoT can invite them from the website
I will be in this weekend Playing and looking forward to seeing if we can get a company setup and start doing those types of missions