City of Heroes shutting down!

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According to the posting at NCSoft will be shutting down City of Heroes this year.

Clearly, there will be a dance party like no other. :)

What do you think?

What next?

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I don't know, but I do want to keep in touch with kitties, at least. :(

This article has some more details:

It lists a date of November 30th.

I, too, want to keep in touch with the catgirls!

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don't know what mew is going to do after it shuts down...
is the only MMO that mew has played...ever..

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*hugs KF* I've played a lot.. but... this one just was fun and not grindy.

But a lot may happen. We'll see.

I haven't played any other MMOs either. Not sure what comes next... we should start a place to discuss that.

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o.o well, we've got about 10 kitties on Guild Wars 2 right now... there's also several pushes to save CoH or to create a private server client.. we'll see as things unfurl.

<.< also, Steam group if you aren't in it yet, good way to get the rest of the kitties names on steam

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mew will keep playing until the end....

and mew is on steam...and on lots of stuff

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I hope whatever happens, everyone sticks together, thank you so much for making this site, Sleepy! n-n

We are Legion hear us Mew!!!!
Got Milk?

We well stay together and always be Kitten for One Kittens for all!!!

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Been at CoH since Launch Day, subbed the whole time. >_>;;

*sigh* o.o;;

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>.> actually, everyone can thank Lau for getting the new LoC website up! My involvement has been minimal so far, but I'll be one of the admin's here.

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Well my thanks to Lau as well then! BUT! as the resident Sleepy Kitty, you always get a part of that thanks. :3

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Mew been here since it launch will it dies, mew was crying sad, this afternoon when mew found out! Guild wars 2 huh, mew might get it

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I've only been with the game since the Mac client and took way too long to discover the cats after that, but all of that time has been awesome. I don't want to see the City or all of you disappear.

There's still some hope. The folks over at the Titan Network are trying to figure out something to keep the place online.,4877.0.html It's still up in the air what form that would take or even if NCSoft is willing to negotiate, but it's something.

If all else fails I'll see you cats around the internets. If you spot an Astribulus, it's almost certainly me.

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I was finally buying a new desktop today so I could bump up the graphics some and not have quite so many 'out of memory' crashes. I feel like such a nerd, getting so emotional about this.

I learned one thing, many years ago, as part of the RPG crowd: Games End

Still sad, tho'

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Hello Kitties, I knew Ive been a stray from rest of you for so long. But when I heard this news I had to come and give you all a big hug. Cause if it wasnt for CoH I would have never met the lot of you and I do miss you all.

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*pounce tackle huggle KKBB*

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o.o a KKBB! mew mew.

<_< we're still fighting it, and there are efforts to make it so even if NCsoft does pull the plug, coh will go on in the cloudy web. Right now everyone's trying legal methods though, so its going to come down to how unreasonable the execs are. Unfortinatly, its probably up to the NCsoft global ones, as CoH makes up about 40-47% any given year, of NCsoft NA's profits. Can't really see them happy about loosing so much of their buisness.

o.o for those wanting a bit more info: thats last quarters (Q2 2012 (april-june)) NCsoft Global financial report. Keep in mind that all #s there are for the world, not NA/EU markets. Almost all those #s for Aion and L2 are china and Korea only. You'll also see a number of games listed you'll never see here at all.

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Meggan's petition is up to 8450 sigs as of this posting! Please ask your friends to keep signing it!

Also found out that Nexon has bought out a 15% share of NCSoft. Not sure what that means; 15% is kinda lame excuse for shutting anything down, unless there's some jiggery-pokery going on under the table we can't see.

Mewkychan =^.^=m

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I planned to build a new machine this weekend so COH would work better.

I'm going to do it anyway, of course.

I think I'll name it Paragon, or maybe Titan.

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>.> Reminder: in case of the worst outcome, make sure to go to the tailor and save all your costumes, also grab screenies of them. grab screenshots of all sorts of things! there are a number of mad projects out there in case things go as NCsoft plans, so you'll want to have records (and maybe a few saved MID's and CIT files too)

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If you haven't doen so, please sign this petition:

Let's break 10,000 by tonight!

Mewkychan =^.^=m

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>.> quick update, the heads of Paragon Studios are approaching investors and NCsoft execs with the petition and some of the work the community is doing to keep the game alive in an attempt to get Paragon up again.

o.o we're also slowly creeping the newstory everywhere we can. If you happen to see it somewhere that you can comment on, give a thumbs up, or whatnot, pls do so that it gets spread!

<.< and finally, one of the Titan Networks projects is a new version of Sentinal that can capture your entire character info. Badges, temp powers, salvage, ALL COSTUMES, etc. it will hopefully be done in a useable state in the next couple weeks!

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Try to get more friends to sign onto this - let's see if we can top 15,000 by week's end!

Mewkychan =^.^=m

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Mew gotta do alot of pictures before games goes out!! And still pounce with fellow kitty's !!

I've been struggling with many things, but must make time to PLAY this weekend.

And to Sentinel+ all my characters. (New version out! Mac version out!)

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Megan's petition has over 19,000 signatures now. If you haven't signed it yet, go do so! Now! o.o!!