Unity Rally Video

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I thought that everyone would like to see this:


From the LiveJournal community:
"This particular video was put together from flying through every instance of AP on Virtue, demorecording the heroes in it, and editing the demofile to make them all appear in one spot, then videocapturing it to make the video. The row of 4 characters that are actually doing emotes are TonyV (organizer of the Save COH movement) on the clipboard, to his left is Samuraiko/Dark Respite (Videographer) with the camera, Hit Streak (COH OCR team), and Ascendant (Virtue/Game-wide legend, as always, on the phone with his agent, Saul). Every hero you see in that video was actually played by a player and showed up during the rally."

That is an amazing piece of video! Thank you for linking it here. I'll have to go to another forum and thank the people who made it for putting it together. Really astonishing!

I didn't think you could get that many people in AP - and you can't!

The dev that was supposedly helping TonyV had to leave before it was time for the rally as well. I don't know if that's true or not, but if it is then we had about ten more instances of AP on Virtue (they had just barely made twenty when the red name that was on announced he was heading out and working on what he got to put up later) and another six on Freedom along with everyone everywhere else as well that wasn't seen in the video.