Character extractor app available

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Y'all may have seen this, but it was news to me:,4971.0.html?PHPSESSID=2gn8...

I've tried the extractor on Gypsy Witch and it seems to work fine. It downloads everything about her from her body scales to what inspirations she's carrying.

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<.< its called the Sentinel+, I mentioned it in the other thread. That's an early version, if enough time is given, I believe its hoped to get it to record temp powers as well as some other stats.

o.o Bases can only be recorded with the demorecorder right now, account info seems a long while off still. if you want stuff from your ingame mail or auctionhouse kept, claim them first, cause it can't detect these things.

Sentinel+ has been updated to get temp powers now!

There's also a Mac version if that's where you play. I've tested both, and they produce exactly the same results.

I don't know if it's going to save my 85 free tailor tokens.