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I'm making a thread to put a list of stuff up that I know needs doing.

If you have any suggestions or questions, this is a fine place for them too.

I may also ask questions about "Would you like xyz?" here, too. Please reply and let me know!

We're attracting unwanted attention - people who're trying to sell us their junk. Several of the accounts are questionable, and at least one has posted ads. (I erased them quickly, and will continue to do so!)

There's an anti-spam filter system available, which I will figure out and engage.

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I don't trust automatic spam filters. I'd rather use a combination of anti-bot measures and a few good moderators.

I generally agree with you.

What we've got so far is one additional question on the user page, "Where did you hear about the Legion of Catgirls, and who invited you?" Spambots leave it blank and can't log in or fill in junk, and I erase them. Catgirls fill in something sensible and I approve their accounts. So there's no automatic stuff there.

The other tool I would install, if it becomes a problem detects "spammy" posts and adds a captcha in that case. If the person fills in the text, it gets posted and an admin cleans it up if it was really crap.

As long as the need for moderation stays tolerable, we'll stay with these levels of protection. So far, it's been enough to keep the spambots out.

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I've always liked the "Are you Human" question for detecting spam-bots. It has the "no" box checked by default and bots usually don't change defaults.

Of course, most cats will not want to call themselves Human, so I thought of another trick question.

You were born in Paragon City. In what city were you born?

Bots won't read the answer, so you can make that one an automatic rejection if they enter anything else.

Gothica suggested a game reviews section, where kitties could discuss games they'd played and share their opinions with others. It's a great idea, and I think I have a recipe for it here.

I'd love to have a place where kitties can upload screenshots, etc. to share with everyone else. We don't have it yet... but we will! I have a recipe and will get to it... after the anti-spam stuff..

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I has arts. I don't make arts, but I have arts. And I like showing off arts. So... Gallery! Yes!

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Could we get an addon for the gallery, that would allow us to subsection it. So we could have gallery pictures for other games too?

Yes, this one is extremely primitive. Will see what I can do.

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I uploaded a picture to the gallery, so I could share with kitties, but I can't see it. I thought I'd done everything right? All I see is the same two pictures!

Be Well!

There appears to be a fancy editor plugin that lets you write more than boring text, without using HTML markup. Are kitties interested in seeing that installed?

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Yes please. That would be wonderful.

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Spammers! We hates them, yesssss!

Game Review Section: That would be good! We could use the discussion for 'just in case,' though Plan A, B, and C (and maybe D) is City of Heroes. =)

Gallery: YAY!

Better Editor: I'm a little ambivalent about that, but then again I kinda know basic HTML. It might make things more prettier.

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Spam is evil! Especially the pink chunks. The other pink bits are nasty too! I definitely don't trust the can, either. So, combat spam before it spreads, Yes.

We already have a few threads on the forum regarding games, I'm not sure if we need more. Perhaps simply have that 'Games Discussion' be a distinct section of the forums?

A Gallery where kitties can post pics of pounced mousies, kittens at play, shiny things we Wantz, perfect places to Nap, and evidence of goggies and Nemesis Plotz... Yeah, Pics or it didn't happen - sounds good!
I suggest letting the original poster always access their pics, edit/remove, as well as a way for other visitors to flag inappropriate content for Moderation.

As for a 'Fancy' editor... Well, I can write just fine, colors, sizes and styles might be nice, but I see no reason why the forums should need to be fancier than that. I approve of KISS design, though issues of storage and bandwidth might be of concern. Still, isn't 'simple' usually both faster and more compact?

Be Well!

I added an extra required field, "How did you hear about the Legion of Catgirls?" and am deleting any user with a junk name and junk entries there. Should help.

Please, fill that in properly so you look like a real person! =)

I apologize to Alaysen and Jaffah for my slowness in approving their accounts. The alerts went into my junk folder and I didn't see them.

They're approved now! (and the dozens of spammers are deleted!)

Well I apologize for my slowness in accepting and getting onboard. I had been watching closely for days, then it kinda fell off and I was wondering if the LoC was having logistic issues getting all set up. I also have a lot of junk to sort through, and besides finding the email, I had to then remember to make time to finish the process and by then a lot of other things had my attention.

So I gladly accept the apology and hope you accept mine as well.

Now I suppose I just need to get avatar and any other settings worked out soon. Wish me luck.
Oh, and Mew ALL! : )

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*mews back*

=^_^=\m/ Mew mew mew!

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Afew things that would be great to add.
-The option to edit/delete your posts.
-The ability to use codes to add stuff, like images or url tags to texts in posts.

I think I've got post editing fixed. Is there a little "edit" link at the bottom of your own posts?

I think I've got it so the <img src="whatever"> tag will work, too.

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Hooray <_<=b

*peppermints for teh laufey* >_>/@