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DCUO is another 'Supers' game that I've tried.

My experience is that the interface is a bit clunky, but perhaps that's because I cannot seem to force it to conform to my preferred set-up. It is strongly weighted towards WASD and Mouse control - or a gamepad controller. With practice, it's possible to coordinate 360-degree movement and combat, fairly smoothly.

The costume creator is slightly non-intuitive - it's absolutely possible to find yourself playing your character in one of the 'default' costumes, without even realizing that you're Allowed to change it. (Yes, I did that.) That said, it has a few 'layers' that allows you create some complex effects from the relatively thin menu of initial choices.

Now, the interesting thing is that you're not 'stuck' with your first look. Almost every piece of gear in the game also includes a collectable 'costume style' layer. Once you've collected a particular 'style' for a location, you're free to mix an match the styles you've collected, to make your outfit much more unique.

Now, the 'bad' is that the underlying character model is not subject to much variation. You choose one of three body-styles, small, medium, & large, for each gender. You can change eyes and hair and 'attitude' and skin, but the overall variety is 'humanoid' and not much else.

In DCUO, 'Mentor' selects the basic source of your powers, as well as your starting environment, and your Powers control your AT/Role in a team or combat. It's pretty much impossible to make a 'Gadgets' 'Tanker' or 'Healer'. Perhaps, one day, the DCUO Devs will add more variety. You can also choose a 'weapon' style, which has some effect on how you fight. Level 1 to 10, DCUO is 'City of Scrappers/Blappers', though, which may be irritating.

Does anyone else have DCUO experiences to share?

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I was in beta for a bit and played DCUO at launch. I like it in spurts. It's a great game, but needs a bit more meat on it to be a primary game for me. The basics are all lined up, but aside from weapon sets it simply needs more content before it could become my main MMO. It does make a great side MMO and going Free to Play was smart of them because of that.

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Yeah, content is a little bit thin - there's three Mentors, three starting areas, and basically just those three story-arcs for advancement, plus, granted, a dozen possible side-plots, plus AV hunts and regular event content. That said, there seems to be a little more dependence on PvP content to supply the spice and variety - which I... just can't summon any interest in.

The exploration/collection badge-type stuff is fun, and now resource harvesting is similar. Having to not only locate, but then target and click (and suffer the interruptible lock without moving) in order to claim these is annoying.

I think my biggest complaint is that (in my experience so far) teams are all but irrelevant and ATs/roles are very clumsy. For a solo distraction, while waiting for server maintenance on your primary game, this is still pretty good. Your goals in the mission instances are clearly laid out (although mission design seems awfully linear) and Boss/AV fights can be very challenging - even with a good team.

Then there's the (inevitable) alien invasion thread. Why is it that EVERY supers-game has the permanent alien invasion thing going on?

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Why alien invasion? Because Secret Invasion, Invasion!, Kree-Skrull War, Millenium, and the myriad number of alien invasion events in comics. Plus it gives them a way to work in the DC space comics.

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There really was an alien invasion, by that name, for one of th e big crossover events in the DC comics. They're just drawing on the history of the comics.

All the ones you cited are in the Marvel universe.

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OMG! They're invading.

*grabs ray gun* *shoots ray* Oops. Sorry Ray. Thought you were an alien. >_<

Anyways, yeah, Pep, Headkracker and I, all played it. I have an active account still. Been poking at it, but since they did this last update, I'm abit meh on it. They made the game hard. Stuff hits you way harder than it did before. To me, it feels that way anyways. I still prefer CO over DCUO, simply because you have more freedom with costumes.

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I managed to get through the updates after months of inactivity, only to find that I was out of touch with my characters (one of whom was in the early stages of a respec) and had no idea what I had meant to do next. But at least I'm up to date.

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