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I thought it might be nice to be 'social' and introduce myself to any Legionnaires that might not recognize my handle on this site.

I'm Fireheart (from the CoH Forums), but you might recognize me as @Astemus.

I played EverQuest (Clarion, L53 WE Bard, Quellious) for... hmm, about 8 years, before becoming a permanent resident of the City.

I've tried WoW, DDO, LotRO, Aion, DCUO, and CO, but City of Heroes was always the best.

Be Well!

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I am Sleepy! Hear me YAWN!!

o.o I'll be one of your resident admin here, pls look after me.

I am Laufeyjarson! Laufeyjarson is Loki's last name. As Norse god of chaos, he appealed a great deal to me for a while, and I've used Loki or Laufeyjarson several places. As my life has stabilized and as I've grown up, the appeal is less, but I still use the name. It is rarely taken, and I still like the myths. Lately I've been following the Japanese kami instead.

I've been on the CoH forums for a while (September, 2004), even if I don't talk much recently. I've been lurking more lurkily on the Titan Network forums since 2008, and only made my second post this week. =)

I haven't been with the Legion of Catgirls as long as I've been in CoH - it took me a while to find it! I know I met Pep Cat way before I met the others. @Malohin got himself invited via Nermal in the villain group Feline Dominion, and I got invited via Malohin. Blame Nermal!

I'm also Laufeyjarson on facebook.

I'm a computer geek, write code for a living, and don't exercise enough. I like catgirls far more than I should, but not in that way, get your mind out of the gutter. I've got sketches of many of the SPANC cards from Phil Foglio and catgirls from Brianna "Spacecat" Wu. Oddly, I rarely watch anime.

Ask me stuff, and I'll probably babble at length.

I'm another of your intrepid forum admins, and keep it running on my host. Tech questions about the site should probably come to me.

I was @nymiethenooh and Nymie_the_Pooh on the forums where I spent most of my time split between the General, Comics, and Controller forums. I started playing City of Heroes in February 2005 right after I3 came out I believe. The water was still frozen over. Between iceskating and superjumping I was sucked in.

My first interactions with the Legion of Catgirls was on the forums where I found the kitties to be polite and fun. I was also drawn in by the fact that Sleepy and I share the same birthday and I grew up primarily in the Louisville area which seemed like too odd of a coincidence not to look into this pile of kittens.

I've tried many MMOs (I've lost track of how many) and I still think CoH is the best one out there. I haven't played much over the past couple of years in spite of my love for the game because I played it to the exclusion of pretty much anything else I could do with my life for a few years to the point where I have suffered burn out. I keep trying other games in hopes of recapturing some of that feel and have come close a couple of times but never quite reach that same level of nonstop enjoyment I received from CoH.

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hey fellow felines, I'm Asuka, well most know me anyway, i been in CoH for more then 8+ years, and joined LoC later, Pep and i used to team up in the early days of CoH, IM usally the chatterbox kitty, and LoC made me feel at home ever since, kittys now me Red X Kitty, Mina Aino, Priceless Kitty, and other kittys!

*gives tuna, and catnips*

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*pounces everybody that posted* =>_<=

Mew ha haaa! =>_<=\m/

Mew is teh Pepcat, the mintiest of kitties. =o_O=\m/

I've played CoH since it started in 2004, and I already know all of you, so there. :P

*leaves a bowl of peppermints*

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Pep! *pounce* Uhm.. wait where I get to now.... oh well then Introductions... well not much to say Im more of the stray of this Legion. I played CoH since a few months after Launch all the way til about a year or two ago. Though I did miss it and the kitties left behind. But I wander around alot in games if its an MMO odds are Ive danced a bit with it.
I really dont let much else known about me just personal policy nothing against those Im friends with. (and side benfit of watching people guess) uhm... well *skirts toward exit* uhm... LOOK A DISTRACTION! *Zips out*

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I'm Gothica, aka Lady of Situations, Gypsy Witch, Goth Witch, and assorted alts. The three aforementioned mains each have their own account, as I have been known to triple-box farm. They are all very Goth characters, and as such they are my alter-egos. Been playing since late 2006, exclusively blueside, exclusively Guardian. I'm a fairly shy person, so I mainly lurk on LoC channel in-game. Been on the channel for maybe a year. Thank you for having me.

I suffer from a major case of clinical depression, I have very bad self-worth issues, and I have very little social life, so the loss of CoH is going to hit me very hard (already is), so I may need a lot of hand-holding here. (having a particularly bad day today, in fact). I really hope that we as a group can find another MMO home, so please keep me posted abotu efforts in that direction.

Thank you for reading.

I saw your letter over on Titan Networks, Gothica. It was well done, and I was glad to see another kitty there!

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*walk into thread get run over by KKBB*

*try to stand up get stepped on by gothica*

*pick self up all wobbly fall off cliff*

*Splat on rocks*

*crack opens up filled wif hellfire*

*Devil shouts OUT!! OUT!! *gets booted out of heck*

*goes flying and splats face first against wall*

*peels off wall and collapses on ground*

*raise paw*

I have not yet begun to fight! *paw collapse back down*

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*taptaptap the mic* Is this thing on?

Hi there. I'm @Coph Nia in game, that being the name also of my first character in CoH. I've been playing for awhile-- since about a month before issue 8 was released. I talk fairly often in the channel, and typically bring catboys (usually Suantrai, Geantrai, and Goltrai) to the KPFs.

I started hanging out with the Legion about a year and a half ago, about the time that I had to have my furkid Smudge put down (cancer, and I still get teary). Everyone was amazingly nice to me, so, like the stray I was, I set up camp and stayed.

Lately, I've been spending more time in LotRO and even more recently, Rift. CoH still feels like home, though :3 I do try to log in for a little bit most days, even if I don't say anything.

In the real world, I knit, spin rare fibers, cat-herd, love a good coffee, am working on my second entry into the Sketchbook Project, watch a lot of horror and live-action Asian movies, am reading the Song of Ice and Fire series, and am learning about the foods of the northeast (displaced Southerner here, by way of Washington State. Long story. Also, scrapple scares me).

In real life, I also suffer from chronic migraines and seizures, so if I just disappear, that's often why <.<

*looks around*
Mew o.o
*slowly steps off the podium*

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I've been with CoH since beta. I grew up on comic books and even dabbled in the comics industry for a few years. Many an all-nighter was spent playing pen and paper RPGs so graduation to computer games, then MMOs was a natural progression. Still, City of Heroes was the game I was always looking for. It felt like home.

I also hail from the Louisville area. *waves from across the river*

I'm a writer and illustrator and am owned by several cats and one polar bear in a dog suit who all find ways to wriggle their way into my writing. I write mysteries, thrillers and the occasional paranormal tale -- mostly short stories, but several novels are currently working their way through the grinders -- and design most of my own covers. One of my series features a ancient Egyptian scribe late in the reign of Ramesses II who is adopted by a temple cat who proceeds to drag him into the realm of murder and intrigue.

I've been on the CoH forums and in Legion global for a number of years (@Major Durand), but mostly lurk because I'm not incredibly successful at being a social kitty. That can be a handicap for a writer who has to do signings, panel discussions and book readings. LOL

My avatar is one of my fake Egyptian fresco paintings. My motto: If you always wanted to own an antiquity, but were too poor to afford it, make your own!

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*gets kitty hard hat* mew gotta protect mew self from pep pouncing!! Mew put LoC on mews phone;! Mew is typing now..hehehe

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Mew All.

I am, Myrr. Been on CoH since a month after launch, but it was an off n' on, relationship. You can usually find me, hanging out with Pep or Headkracker, though I've been known to attend the KPFs, Jello and Rikti raids w/out them.

Can't say I grew up on comics, but for many years, I did collect them. Gave them all away though, after I joined the military. I kept my PnP RPGs tho and continued to play those, with others in the military. Although, these days, I don't do much of that.

As for electronic games, I started with stand-up coin-ops. I learned how to work on them, repair them, and install them, at an early age. Always loved them. For internet-wise, tho, my first games were on BBSs, MUCKs, MUSHs, and 1 MUDD (never could really get into the other MUDDs), then I found, EverQuest. Started playing it, a couple months after its launch. Was a friend from the military that turned me onto it. I play it, for the longest time and had several max level characters. I tried, UO, but gained a bad taste quickly due to the pvp.

I've played a whole host of games since then, tho. EQ2, AO, AoC, CO, WoW, STO, SW:G(trial), SW:TOR, TSW, GW1, H:EoI, Eve, RIFT, WoT, APB, DAoC, DCUO, ESO, FFXI, ForsakenWorlds, Fusionfall, GA, LotRO, Maplestory, TERA, and there's others but I can't remember them all right now. (Disabled Vet with memory issues, among loads of health issues) I'm also playing, off n' on, several Close Betas. Present shiny that's holding my attention is GW2.

*tosses Plushies around the room* Woo! Plushies!

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There might be somebody here who doesn't know who I am, but I didn't spot them.

Hello, I'm Alaysen. Alaysen is a grey elf character that is very much a part of me. He entered CoH after I had already looked around a bit and if one wants to make such distinctions, I would have to call him my 'main', and he was my first 50. He is on Victory where I decided to place him and his close associates which is why you may see Alaysen in the channel but likely never teamed with him. I actually had chosen Guardian for my animal characters before I was aware of LoC. But these were still some of my early characters. I have several cat characters on Guardian as well as other animals represented. My Guardian blueside includes: Amazing Bull, Onyx Tiger, Cheeguara, Snowy Leopard, Nightscreech, Billy G, Pesky Porcupine, Black Rhinoceros, Leo Firemane, Phehthurz, Infurball, and Clyde's Dale. Infurball was moved when there was a shift for those characters from Pinnacle. However I left my other Longpaw there: Longpaw Eagle Aerin, Longpaw Warden Lyn, and Longpaw Claw scratch. I am also one of those who has a lot (too many?) of alts across all the servers (well okay, I don't currently have anyone on Zukunft but there is still time). And it seems worth mentioning that while I have already packed up a number of characters I won't promise not to make a new one (or two, or three...) before this all comes to a close. I already have others I have thought of that haven't made it onto the scene yet.

As to my beginning with CoH, I was introduced to the game by a friend of mine who was playing Everquest (EQ). I had played some EQ with him before but CoH was the first MMO I purchased. I would say the two biggest things which drew me in were the ability to create your own costume, independent of your powers or 'equipment', and the fact that there was absolutely no PvP. So yeah I was there in the earlier days. I don't know exactly when I started but it was before i3. Someone else mentioned the frozen lakes and water and that's something I wish they had repeated each winter. So while I wasn't there on the first day I still can look back and I often joke about 'cone range' enh. The intro of PvP didn't make me happy and there have been other changes and implementations I wasn't fond of. I stopped playing Onyx Tiger for a long time after they took away his 'baseball pitch' claw attack for another animation (it was his favorite finishing move). But overall I love CoH and it is far and away better than any other I have seen or experienced. I haven't actually played many MMOs. I played a bit of Dungeon Runners (now gone) and DDO and I've looked at others, but none had a great appeal and with limited time I would rather play CoH. During the years there have been times I was more active and times where I was essentially absent or on a limited basis. RL challenges have affected my CoH play time.

I found the cats early on if that wasn't clear and I really just have two main channels which I listened to and participated with and those are LoC and Victory Badges (Alaysen is on Victory and has more than a few badges). I loved the community from the beginning and it fit well with the idea of 'let's all have fun' and not 'hey my character can kick your character'. Love the KPFs and for awhile that was my only CoH gaming; log on for KPF, log off, wait for next week's KPF. In earlier times I would often jump into channel and airdrop plushies, or fire catnip cannons, or any combination of fun and mayhem.

I'm glad to be here and I appreciate you all.

*Releases crates of wind-up mice (pre-wound) into the Forum* Have Fun!

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I'm Sean; those of you who played City of Heroes will recognize my username from the LoC chat channel; I was invited to the LoC: Kitty Revolution supergroup when I was spotted playing Zabastovka Molniy (Забастовка Молний, "Lightning Strike" in Russian; let's see if the Unicode passes through), my Titan Weapons/Electric Armor Tanker on Guardian. I played City of Heroes from a few days after launch through its closure -- far before its time -- last night, but only joined the forums yesterday during an idle period when I was going through and making final updated extractions of all my characters on Guardian.

I have been a wargamer since a young age, branching out to D&D in college, and from there to other pencil&paper RPGS, including Champions, then into computer games. My first 'MMO' was the WWII air-combat simulation SVGA Air Warrior, and as a group of AW players left to make their own air-combat sim out of exasperation at the glacial rate of bugfixes by Kesmai, I've played its successors down to Aces High. I was told about City of Heroes by a coworker too late to get in on the beta. Since joining City of Heroes, I have also played Tabula Rasa and Aion, dumping both of them when the grind inherent in each game became too much to take.

I have been a computer programmer for more than thirty years now, and I work as a civil servant at a Navy hospital, where I do data mining on the medical-information system to support the hospital's activities.

Welcome, Sean!

I was very happy to be on the team when we met, and glad you were interested in joining the Legion. It was always a pleasure to team and to chat with you.

Considering the skill you played with, I'm not surprised you were around since beta.

Now all we have to do is find somewhere else to team and/or chate.

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It wasn't always long experience with the game -- that just taught me things like the best ways to get around in zones and missions; some things were pretty recent flashes of *duhhhh*. In particular, the recent realization that, for my Scrappers and Tankers, Ninja Run made an _excellent_ tool for tactical maneuverability, allowing me to bounce around using damage auras to grab aggro faster than Taunt could come back up, and the subsequent change in playstyle it engendered.

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Hey there, kits and kats. I'm the Legendary Living Lightning! Please, hold your applause. ...well, okay, maybe a little applause would be appropriate.

Dot dot dot...

No? Oh...uhhh...okay then.

Anywhoozers, I've been Lurker McLurkstein for a good long while because I still had CoX to bug you folks in. Obviously not gonna work anymore, but whatevs. I played CoX off and (mostly) on since sometime mid-2005. I started off on Infinity where I met a groovy dude I'd call one of my bestie pals, migrated to Victory for a good long while and wound up splitting my time there and Guardian. Shortly after showing up, I found and eventually joined an RP group called the Galaxy Guardians (a nifty Green Lantern homage/spoof) which spawned my first level 50, Guardian Magnus. Mmmm...sweet, delicious Kinetics...

I honestly can't say when I joined up with the Legion, just that I know it was Psychic Kitty who invited me. She was on a neato magical girl alt, I wound up gushing a little over it and next thing I knew, BAM! Chat Channel invite! Everything between then and now is sort of a blur of bad[yay]ery, frustration and giggly goodness.

My very first MMORPG was FFXI (which I recently started playing again with a RL pal; we're on Bahamut if anyone else plays. ...yes, I'm a danged Mithra. =b) which I quit early on. Back then I didn't quite have the patience for grindy bits and I had a hard time finding teams. Soon as I hit level ten, I hit a wall of difficulty brought on by my own inexperience with the genre and rage-quit like a little spaz.

Other MMOs I've enjoyed include Star Wars Galaxies (pre-NGE; blast you SOE!) and Everquest II (also pre-leveling changes at SOE's hands! Blargh!). Funny story; back then it was a choice between EQ2 and playing sporadically with some family members and CoX. Obviously I went with the superior game, but part of that decision was based on just how much time I'd been wasting on the crafting system. Lastly, the only other MMO I've played seriously was Dungeons and Dragons Online, and that was mostly to scratch an itch my DnD group had as we couldn't really play together anymore.

...okay, yeah, I admit I've dabbled a bit in Champions Online and DC Online, but they both felt like CoX copycats. I'm annoyed by the fact that those are the only two options I have left to me.

When it comes to Pen and Paper, I've spent a lot of my youth playing VtM like a mopey emo-wannabe (all about the Gangrel and Malkavians), ironically ignoring DnD because that was the game only 'geeks and losers' played. Yeah, I'd love to go back and give young!me a good smack upside the noggin'. When I moved to Phoenix, I wound up meeting my current group of pals, starting giving DnD a go (3.5, thanks much) and promptly hated how much money I'd instead thrown at White Wolf. Oh, and I've picked up copies of Mutants and Masterminds but can't ever seem to get my pals interested in it...though since one of them was basically my designated partner in CoX, I'm betting super hero-y withdrawal will help my case.



Most of you wont recognize me at all. I was probably the only migrant from the Feline Fellowship. Maybe Catsi. Which was based on the Triumph server. I worked very hard to try and unite our SGs in a giant ball of fluffy warmth. But it was not to be.

I was known as @Roxanna on COH. However that is about the only place I was ever known by that name. The rest of the world knows me by a very broken identity you see now. It is a somewhat common name so there are others like me.

City of Heroes was my home and it pains me to think about it. I've finally wrestled up the courage to start playing GW2 and have had fun thus far. I am also playing a wider variety of games off the MMO shelf. Such as Borderlands 2 and SimCity 4. Mostly I want something light and airy like COH. Frankly BL2 and many of the other games I've played recently stress me out. Though that might be my personality too. I am a hardcore casual gamer =^.^=

That's why I like you guys. I hope we can continue doing fun things in the future.

Does anykitty know a catgirl by the name of "ButlerianHeretic"? I've got a new user request for that user, with some ambiguous text.

Most of the user requests are clear, but I'm not sure of this one. *Probably* a spammer.

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Doesn't sound like anyone I know. Sounds more like a hacker with that kinda name tho.

*bops Pep Cat over the head with a pinata, frisks Catsi for his gavel (to steal)*

(somebody insisted I introduce myself *points at Coph*)
If you don't know me, it's prehaps for the best *eg*

I played Oh No Its Alice. I was recruited into the LoC with Puffy HissySpit when I first started the game on Guardian back in '06 or 7. I wandered off to Justice where I played Virage for many years but eventually joined the chat channel (a couple years after joining the LoC).

I've been involved in comics and RPG's for awhile. GM'ed a continuous running Marvel RPG for 7 years which generated plenty of material for later contribution to Lethal Comics which didn't make it. Played for 5 years in a tavern/forum RPG on Compuserve's Literary Forum (Taverne Noir). Been on CoH since 2006. But I'll let my work speak for me. I gathered a bunch to show the people trying to start a new hero MMORPG-- I was thinking of volunteering as a writer.

Oh, Sleepy-- the base pics are being gathered there too. I've even made up floor plans (3d floor plans are even planned) :P

Coph Nia's picture

I didn't actually -insist-, per se. Just suggested a few months ago that you might think about saying hi :P

Also, you forgot to mention that the game at CompuServe was where we met many moons ago.

and she's to blame for subjecting CoH to me >.> <.<

Coph Nia's picture

I did get you started on the whole MMO thing, didn't I? :3

I regret nothing!

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*gives slices of spiced pumpkin cake to the newcomers* >_>[\ [\ <_< <_<

more like latecomer
give me another month or so to get on Steam :P
actually its an old tried n true tactic-- arriving after everyone's attention drifted and there is no one paying attention to oppose <.< >.>
btw: if you were going to the Houston comics conventions back around '97- the Vampire Syndicate stuff on my link was being promoted at them

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And don't forget the peppermints! >_>/@ o.o o.o o.o

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Late to the party as usual. Let's see. Don't recall the exact date I joined LoC, though American Kitty was created in the first week of the CoH launch. Joined the Freedom chapter. Eventually made an AK clone on Guardian. Hopped over to Champions when that came out. Same with STO. Didn't play on the same server in SWTOR, as I played with a co-worker in his guild. Though if they ever do manual server transfers, I'll bring my characters over because that guild completely dried up. I rarely play any of the MMOs for very long stretches of time. Usually in a few month spurts. :p

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I finally signed up again! Hello all! :D

I've been sucked into the shooter world in the Post-COHpocalypse and ever since dumping WoW (which dragged me away from COH in the first place) been struggling to find an MMO to replace it. FF:ARR was boring and GW2 was frustrating and didn't get on with it, especially choosing between regions. :( Maybe Wildstar?


Fireheart's picture

I've been filling my time with SW:TOR and I recently tried Wildstar.

There might be a Beta key floating around, if you really want it.

Be Well!

Arrowcat's picture


Lucky beta person! What's it like, been watching a lot of streams this weekend and hoverboards are <3.

I'll grab a key please if you have one going spare. :)

Fireheart's picture

Let's take this to a non-permanent space.

Be Well!