Secret World Legends

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The Secret World is relaunching as Secret World Legends. Free to play, but initially requiring Steam. Development will continue, but evidently the relaunch will start with an updated/upgraded (graphics, combat, etc) version of the original game, with the stuff that was added later to be added... later. Again!

Meanwhile, for those who don't want to give up the original version of the game, it will remain up and running on its own server(s). Just no further development. Alas! Still, better than nothing. Right, City of Heroes fans? Never forget, never forgive.

So, no excuses! When Secret World Legends launches I want to see all you guys there! Yes, you, too! And you. You, over there hiding behind the giant marshmallow -- you, too. No need to be scared. Remember, it's only pixels... only pixels...

/e jump scare featuring short-haired calico kitty leaping from large box of freeze-dried instant pickles.

Come back to GW2 Tach...Even Danni has returned after 3 long years.

I've been a freind of Danica for year in CoX & know Pepcat from the same game. I'm a refugie

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I'm still on GW2, but I never was very serious about it.

Be Well!

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What is Secret World?

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I've been in TSW for a couple of years. I'll be in SWL once it launches. I've been in closed beta since the first wave of invites, so I'm pretty much looking forward to it!

LordXenophon: The Secret World-- soon to be Secret World Legends-- is a modern day MMO-- the general idea is taht it's all real. All the myths, conspiracies, myths and legends. Your character is a member of one of three factions, a hero chosen by Gaia and given powers by swallowing a bee. Your job is to work for your faction while fighting the Filth, which is basically like... anti-Gaia. It's a well-written, well-designed game.

Witheringly accurate -- and funny -- review of Secret World Legends. Can you say ouch? I knew you could.

I'm still playing, tho. Dat atmosphere. Got one for each faction: Sunstroke, Trinket, Tunesmith.

Oh, and by the way, if you try to play the original game, be advised: there seems to be some issue with the patcher that turns TSW into SWL. Many TSW people = snafu'd, if not completely fubar'd. Far as I can tell, Funcom doesn't seem to care. Almost as *insert volatile rant* as Anet. :-D

I feel more like I do now than I did before.