Miss you guys

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Hi folks. It's RaiderRich2001. I know it's been a while and I don't know if anyone checks this forum anymore, but I'm still alive and well and missing the rest of the kitties a lot, especially Pep Cat and Myrr.

Short answer as to what I'm doing: these days I'm a live streamer on Twitch. You can follow me at twitch.tv/RaiderRich2001 or follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/RaiderRich2001

Let's catch up!



I've been a freind of Danica for year in CoX & know Pepcat from the same game. I'm a refugie

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I want to go for a walk!

There's a kitty presence in Guild Wars 2, but I think we're largely unfocused, awaiting developments in City of Titans. I know many kitties are wandering around Steam.

I check this forum daily.

Be Well!