On Colin Johansen's departure from GW2

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Interesting development. Mike O'Brien is taking over Colin's spot as game director, for now.

Says Mr. O'Brien, re the near future:

"To kick it off, I’ll give some updates on what we’re working on and how we’re going about it.

"We recently started PvP season two and we’re about to launch the next raid wing. After that we’re packaging up and preparing our next big quarterly update for April. The April update is about reducing grind, clearing away some tedium, getting quickly to the fun, and improving rewards. We’ve always said that Guild Wars should be about having fun rather than preparing to have fun, and this will be a back-to-our-roots kind of update. After the April update, we’ll start live beta-tests of improvements to WvW. Our goal is to be very incremental and visible with the changes we’re making there, so that players are involved every step of the way. Further on, we’ll launch the next raid wing in May or June, then Living World and the next quarterly update."

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