City of Titans posted an update tonight....

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...and it just happens to have some of my artwork in it :3

I did the Lady Latoki concept work (why, yes, I'm Pyewackit). All of the artists and writers represented are a fantastic group, and have been a blast to work with =^_^=

Thought I'd share.

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Hi Pye! I thought the art was great and I really like the character concept.

Those other characters are pretty good too!

Be Well!

Looked good! Can't wait for it to be in playable shape! ^_^

I've been a freind of Danica for year in CoX & know Pepcat from the same game. I'm a refugie

That's really cool! I'm glad to see people staying involved and getting things done. I know that CoT has a ton of work to do. I am confident it'll get somewhere!