The Tick of DOOM! (aka imminent hd failure)

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My old PC is sinking fast, alas, so today I've been transferring files and burning discs and all that good stuff to prevent essential stuff from going down with the ship. Shocked and awed, I was, when I realized I had saved nigh unto 2 gigs of CoX screenshots, dating back to 2006 when this old PC was new (I have even older ones on my even older PC).

Also saved screenshots from Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Age of Conan, Star Trek Online, The Old Republic, DCUO, EQ2 and TSW.

I figure most folks wouldn't bother to save all this stuff, but I like looking through them now and again, reliving the adventures and remembering all the fun and wondering where the people I used to play with are now.

Someday I'll post up some of these old screenshots. Who knows -- YOU might be in one of them.

Since I've been thru some computer issues recently, I can commiserate. I will say though that I set up a schedule a long time ago to back up certain files once a month, so that I wouldn't have to worry as much about possibly losing it all. Hope you save it all before the HD dies.

I've been a freind of Danica for year in CoX & know Pepcat from the same game. I'm a refugie

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When CoX was about to close, some of us ran around and took screenshots of everything in sight. I probably have 2G, just in the Shadow Shard section.

What you need is an external backup drive. I have two 4T drives. One is my library, the other backs up the first one. I'm considering getting a third, just for storing TV shows and Movies, thus freeing up about .5T for more screenshots and stuff.