Paragon City Zip Code

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I wanted to use an address in Paragon City as a joke, but the only Paragon address Google could find, had a Providence zip code. Therefore, I used the computers at the police station (behind my boss's back, of course), to figure out what Paragon City's zip code would have been.

Fortunately, Rhode Island's zip codes are all over the place, more in order of need of use, rather than in a grid. This makes it easy. No matter where you think Paragon City should be in Rhode Island, it would be one of the oldest cities. Therefore, I assigned it the lowest unused zip code in Rhode Island, other than 02800, because zip codes ending in two zeroes are usually reserved for post office boxes. That would make it 02803.

So, the work address of one of my characters would be:

Dr. Ignatius Rochs
Portal Corporation
112 Portal Court
Paragon City, RI 02803

Let's drop addresses like these in a few random places around the internet, and watch the post office try to figure out where to send the resulting junk mail.

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