Mutants and Masterminds 3E

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Rawr! Hey, does anyone here play any Mutants and Masterminds? I've been obsessively reading the rule- and splatbooks (2E as well) soes I can start runing campaigns for my weekly tabletop group. Once I'm more comfortable as a GM I'm totes gonna use the CoH Story Bible to make a Paragon City / Rogue Isle setting, though that's a good ways off. Not really a VIDEO game topic, but we don't have a section for other kinds of games. (>_<)

Also, hello again. I'm not dead yet. =D

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Nope, I'm not dead yet, either. I wander by and check the place daily, just to make sure.

As for 'video' games, I think we're all happy with the 'role-playing' part of it. M&M seems fine to me!

Be Well!