ArcheAge (I blame Myrr)

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@.@;;; I've been asked to post some info.. because someone has come down with a phobia of forum software...

anymew, Myrr is leading a band of kitties to sail the high seas and partake of the spice and rootabega trade over in "ArcheAge" (

They'll be playing on the Salphira server, teamed up with a guild called "Amaterasu" (, presumable to get more sunbeams to nap in.

Anyone interested should assault Myrr with squeeky mallets over on steam. Launch date is Sept 12th for headstart, Sept 16th for normal FTPers.

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Not true. Mew has no phobia of forums. It's just that _this_ forum, doesn't seem to like meh. Every time I go to log in, I end up having to make a new password, cause it seems to forget my old one.

*bops Sleepy with a squeaky mallet* >_>//P)) x_0 ((SqueekSqueek!))

Anyways, so far, it'll be Me, Psychic Kitty, and Agollo in Headstart, then Pep, Lunar Templar, FXRenamon & Sleepy for live launch, with the possibility of Llama and Anna Puma, showing up as well.

The game is PVP-centric, but has a wide amount of pve stuff to do, such as pve leveling, crafting, farming, home building, fishing boat building/fishing, world bosses, exploring and even treasure hunting. You aren't completely forced into the pvp stuff. Especially if you're part of a guild.

Amaterasu is a small guild with abit over 30 people in it, so we won't get lost in the crowd. But, they're large enough that we can seek protection within their folds, as well as play with the pvp stuff should we wish to. Amaterasu, doesn't require you to do Pvp nor do they have raid schedules. They're mostly just a big group of friends who are having fun.

Btw, did I mention that ArcheAge has a kitty race to play. The Firrans; The restless, nomadic Firran roam the wilds, fueled by dreams of reclaiming their former glory. They believe every life – no matter how small – is not only valuable, but plays a critical role in the natural world. All Firran strive to find their purpose and play their part.

Anyhow, as Sleepy pointed out. ArcheAge is F2P. It does have a Patron system like in RIFT, where you purchase points then a patron pass for 30days at a time. But, Patrons get a variety of perks.

• Bonus online Labor Point regeneration (10 per 5 minutes)
• Offline Labor Point regeneration (5 per 5 minutes)
• Increased maximum Labor Points cap (5000 maximum)
• 10% bonus to all Experience gained through combat or labor usage
• 10% discount on Marketplace purchases (available after launch)
• 5 Loyalty Tokens per day for use in the Loyalty Store (awarded on first login of the day)
• Ability to claim land by placing farms and houses
• Ability to pay in-game taxes on owned property
• Ability to post auctions on the Auction House by default

Oh well, I'll shush for now. Hope we get afew more kittehs to join us. Again, we'll be on the Salphira server, even if you don't want to join the Amaterasu guild and just want to poke at ArcheAge to see if you like it or not.

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*opens crate of squeeky mallets* <_<

Step right up, getcha mallet to whap Myrr! >_>/

Issa fun game. o.o=b

Didn't get far enough to see what PvP really is all about, but the beginning areas for the kitties and european people were interesting on their own. It's quite pretty, especially if you have a decent rig to see it all, and the powertray layout is a bit different from other games. For one thing, everybody gets a melee weapon and a bow at level 1 in order to hit and shoot stuff! :D

Game is totally free, and you get two character slots to start with. Can't own land if you're F2P, but that's not something you really get into right off the bat as it is.