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... At least one, and possibly more, about my favorite Legion kitties. Would anyone like to assist me in developing these background stories a little more and making them less Paragon City specific?

Kitten Dreams has floated around Guardian server in the service of the Legion for several years, but now is my chance to grow her up, just a little. How is a Dream Warrior/Guardian supposed to mature, when she doesn't, quite... actually exist? *broken link is broken*

This is 'Kitten Dreams':
Controller: Mind Control/Storm Summoning

Dream Warrior.
"Hi, my name is Kitty and they say I'm a 'Dreamer'.
"All I know is that I can make people fall asleep and have really bad dreams, and sometimes bad things happen to them in those dreams. "Sometimes, I can even make my dreams 'manifest' and cause real things to happen. Sometimes they are nice dreams, sometimes they are not.
"So, now I'm a hero and I go around putting bad guys to sleep and giving them nightmares, and then they wake up in jail - right?"

Deep background - Somewhere in the city, there is a hospital and in that hospital is a sad, quiet ward, where sad, quiet children lie, each one in a coma. Once, Lucy Dreamtime spent a period there, but she woke up, eventually, and went on.
However, while she was there, she created and manifested a 'Dream Warrior' to guard her sleep, but she didn't want anything Scary, so she called up Kitty. Kitty's existence might have been ephemeral, but Lucy inadvertently harnessed the sleeping dream-power of All of the children on the ward. Now, Kitty is entirely autonomous - except that she has no real 'past', before she became a hero and she still 'works out the issues' of the dreaming children who lend her power.
Amazingly, since Kitty manifested, More of the children eventually wake up and go home, but Kitty's power and her belief in herself continues to grow.

Kitty speaks simply and quietly, with all of the joy and secret wisdom of a child. She knows a great deal - perhaps as much as all of the sleeping minds in the city, but it does not color her simplicity. She 'knows' evil and fights it every day, but she does not fear it.

So, that's the story so far. However, I'm open to developing this more. Kitten Dreams has become a favorite 'voice' for me and I've recreated her in several other games. In the process, she has become... more... sophisticated, I guess. No longer quite so simple and simplistic.

An issue is that 'Lucy Dreamtime' is a CoH reference and doesn't really translate to other games. I can imagine an extremely powerful psychic envisioning a defender to protect her while she sleeps. I can imagine that defender being, essentially, co-opted by other nearby sleepers and then persisting, after the original creator woke up and left. I can imagine the 'dream-power' allowing the defender to manifest physically.

I encourage comments and constructive suggestions for ways to improve the story.

Then there's Rogue Nightwolf... What changes can/should I make to compensate for a world in which 'Nightwolf' and 'Council' and '5th Column' don't mean what they used to?

Austrian soldier recruited by Council – craved warrior society and challenge to ‘be all he can be’. Council promised to ‘make something of him’. He was a good soldier and volunteered for the enhancement projects… So they filled him with some horrible seed of darkness, but it failed to take root. Instead, after days of sheer agony, it transformed him into a huge werewolf like creature – a Nightwolf.
Ordinarily, when the nictus seed fails and produces a wolf, it destroys the mind of the soldier, but his psyche was strong enough to remain intact. He was a Nightwolf with intelligence and personality. But his trusted leaders, his brothers in arms, called him a Failure – worse, a Failed failure and they were going to ‘recycle’ him…
Finally, the betrayal after repeated betrayal was too much for this loyal soldier to accept and he revolted. With a pair of swords he retrieved from his old locker, Rogue Nightwolf fought his way free of the Council.
Now, registered with S.E.R.A.P.H. as a Hero, he is taking the fight back to his ‘brothers’ in the Council, before they can betray more good soldiers.

It really needs more depth, especially when it doesn't have to fit in the old bio-length.

Be Well!

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o.o hunm.... well.. many of the Titan player's will be old CoHers... I'd ditch some of the bits about SERAPH, but since the 5th are always messing around with portals, its believable that your character got tossed through one in an experiment at some point, or a nictus shard was.

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Makes sense, those are certainly identifiers. I could 'Portal Accident' him into CoT, I doubt I'd be the only one to do so. And, looking at him in abstract, I see that a lot of the details could easily be exchanged with new ones. Only the 'Man-wolf' transformation and the core, "They made me a monster, so now I fight them." meme need be retained.

Now, if only I had a clue to what City of Titans factions might be involved in unregulated transformation experiments, I could reshape the wolf.

Kitten Dreams is less dependent on outside factors for her story, except for needing a 'progenitor' of some sort. Even that might be 'hand-waved' away, but I have a preference for clearer story-lines.

Do you have any thoughts about how a kitten might be formed from pure 'dream-stuff', then nurtured and made manifest in the real world as a guardian and problem-solver for dreaming children of all ages?

Be Well!

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Well, Arrowcat's background was being experimented on by The Council and ending up a cat through science, so you could use anything really. They kept the origins rather vague to give a bit of freedom.

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well..... I should ask...

o.o are you familiar with both Plato's 'forms' and terry pratchette's 'little gods'?

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I've never read either.

*hides* >.>

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I read the Republic and many of Pratchett's books, but not that one. Enlighten me, oh sleepy one!

Be Well!

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well.. >.> how to explain.. the basic concept of old greek philosophers that I'm thinking of is the Forms (yes, capital F), where all things more or less trickle down to a base, over aching concept written into the stuff of reality itself.

o.o so, as to say, you know a 'tree' when you see it, no matter how odd or alien it is, because its connecting to the 'Form' of tree and getting some understanding from that. As objects decent from more forms, the more complicated they are.

>.> as a person, your connected, for example, to the Forms of 'person', 'hair', some mixture of the colour forms.. you have 'limbs' 'teeth' and whatnot.

o.o sure, less basis in reality and only semi usable in many ways, but an interesting concept that can be worked with.

<-- close to the concept of napping, and cat

<.< now, here's where the more modern take, and blatant theft from terry prachette comes in!

>.> in Disc World, deities are formed from the concepts and beliefs of their followers. first the chicken, then the egg (follower is the chicken who accidentally creates the deity). There are any number of small concepts floating around waiting for someone to notice them and start accidentally forming them into a minor god, and with enough followers, maybe they'll become one of the major ones. Most of this is explained in the book, Small Gods. Its.. not his best work, but it has a lot of background stuff that shows up elsewhere, so great for wikians.

Then of course, you have the Anthropomorphized beings, things like DEATH, Time, and whatnot. In Discworld, these guys are often deities in some ways, but also merged concepts (like the god of hangovers, he really hates his job).

o.o so, using this sorta setup, you'd be able to have a cat that at some point, a small child drempt was protecting them from a nightmare or some such, and that child 'believed' in the lil kitty enough that it started forming. As the child told other children, the new dream kitty would possibly gain more ppl who believed in it, making it more real. Eventually, as rumors spread, the little one would start being able to manifest.

>.> snowballing a lot latter, and you get a soul cake duck!
@.@ sorry, silly reference there. it was either that or 'millennium hand and shrimp'.

<.<;; course, you could also always fall back on the Lovecraftian angle and have your dream cat be one of the cats of Ulthar, who exist in the dreamlands and guard ppl from elderich horrors. also from protagonists named nyaruko.

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No eldritch horrors for me, I don't want to lend them any creativity.

The concept of a minor creation that taps into a larger pool of belief and thereby becomes fully real, is exactly what I had in mind for Kitten Dreams. The speed-bump, is in the initial creation.

In CoH, we had the figure of Lucy Dreamtime, who dreamed reality, if she wasn't careful. I could see her deliberately conjuring something half-real and infusing it with a bit of personality. Then the 'snowball effect' could kick in.

On the other hand, as a great fan of myth and legend, I'd happily use some elder dreaming cat(s) as a seed, but I've yet to encounter such.

Be Well!

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>.> well, there are a number of mythological cats... ones that specifically protect though.. hunm...

o.o Cat Sidhe are kinda neutrals... but its possible one would specifically take to protecting kids.. (

here's a website with some randomly collected myths about cats, of course, its about as academically accurate as wikipedia but.. possibly an interesting spot to start researching from:

>_> cats seem to have a lot of stuff with dreams, but it seems more portents to things that will come about than acting as guards or defending. Really, Lovecraft is the only one that comes to mind that fits that mold exactly.

<.<;; course, we don't know how the magic will be setup in the new game (well, lorewise) so its hard to craft something exactly till then.

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... cats are considered guardians (even now) against snakes and vermin. But, to me, that whole thread of myth doesn't lend itself to dreams.

I think I'm going to keep the core of my story as it is. Just need to discover a new genesis rooted in Titan City lore, although the Ulthar angle might be an influence on the creation.

How about Development? How might a relatively static guardian-spirit move, or Be moved into taking action on the physical plane? What story-hooks would turn a barely animate force into a person as sweet as Kitten Dreams?

Be Well!

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a couple ideas:

1) one of the local magical baddies has an evil plot involving dreams and the two happen to cross paths
2) a magic summoning whose target wasn't quite what was expected.. surprise!! "She who hunts in dreams" wasn't a demonic force!
3) a local light aligned mystic of whatever background CoT ends up having for them requests some assistance with investigation and/or keeping watch on some baddies and asks one of the local denizens of the dream realm to manifest and help out.
4) zooks! you go to sleep on a mystic alter in a nice sunbeam and suddenly its a couple hundred years later and someone is trying to use it improperly! anyone would be a bit grouchie from having a nice short nap interrupted.....

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Poor kitty, somebody stole her sunbeam!

Be Well!