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Hi all! Been a very long time since I have said any thing to any of the legion members. I was just talking to another one of the members of my old STO group about my Hero. Forgotten Puma, he was never on guardian so I was like. "Well you may not have met me but I'm sure you met the group I belonged to at one point. You know, the LoC?" He was like who? I then replied with "The Legion of Catgirls" at that point he was like, oh that strange group. Ya I met them... you were one of them?

About that point I was like "You better believe it, no other group I met had the skill nor the fun factor when you through a bunch of cats at a mission. Sure it was like herding cats. There was no real coordination, but that was half the fun. The other part was trying to not be that one guy that was holding up the group. I was like we would power through a mission or TF so fast your head would spin. At that point some one else spoke up saying, I have seen fast groups, I doubt yours was that fast. At that point I linked four links of videos of four KPFs. At that point they were like... "respect"

Quality sucks as this is before I had Youtube fired up. But it is all I have left so I can't make them over again.

Then I got to talking about my main Forgotten Puma and the guys were like, ya right you didn't have those sets. I had a screen of half of them and then that shut them up. I was like, you might think of the kitties that ran past you as cuteness overloaded freaks but, no one else could really compete with them when they decided to go find a scratching post. Them kitties were cute damn it. And what ever you did, you didn't want to see any claws.

Oh this @Blaster Mage or used to be at least.

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Woots, first pounce <_<=b


*offers peppermints* >_>/@

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Nice to see you too pep.

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I see you Puma/BM!

Be Well!
Fireheart (@Astemus)

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What sets did they not believe?

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This is the screen shot I showed them.

It doesn't show all the sets as the fitness pool and a few other pools are not shown. But it was all the sets combined on one character. Many of the players didn't spend the kind of time that most kitties did on a their main. Then I had other characters built, just not like puma. Then I started to talk about Kitty Paws who was made with 36 Hami-Os in her slotting. Then they asked how does some one get that many, I was like what? 162 of them? The LoC for a long time ran them on Guardian. Then some one else spoke up going "Oh wow, you were on /that/ server?!"

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o.o those some expensive slotting you've got there.

ooo, videos.. haven't gotten to watch those yet..

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The more expensive teh build, teh better. =^_^=

Well, until you run out of inf... o.o;;

Then you start running on uncommon IO sets, with occasional rares tossed in. :)

Original Pep (on Infinity) had something like 42 HOs at one point, before a respec to bring it to around 20ish. <_<;;

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*starts warbling to tune of Memory*

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The issue with HO's is they had to be used in a special way otherwise they were of no use. I Made Kitty Paws with HO's only because I had so many just sitting around. I never ponied up for the unique sets but I was at that point where I could have started to as Pumas build was near completion any ways. Puma was so much fun to play. Though at the level she was built at, I was soloing AVs even on a full group letting them just watch set at max difficulty. Why go to the unique when what she had worked as it was? Those unique prices were a little steep.

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The uniques weren't always the best set, either.