Season's Greetings!

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Hi, all ^_^

We hope that everyone has an excellent holiday season <3

--Coph and Ashen

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Joe to the world!
The pot is brewed!
Let all refill their cups!
It's fre-esh a-and ho-o-ot
In the-e brea-ak roo-ooo-ooom!
With sugar and cream if you like!
With sugar and cream if you like!
Wi-ith sugar and cre-e-e-eam if you like!

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^_^ Mewsy Mewsy Xmas to Choo allz.

Merry Christmas to one and all! May 2014 be an awesome year for all!

I've been a freind of Danica for year in CoX & know Pepcat from the same game. I'm a refugie

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Some pepper, and a bit of garlic, and rosemary, don't forget the bay-leaf, hide a bit of ginger, and cinnamon, nutmeg of course, and don't forget a smidge of salt. These, and many other seasonings greet you or await you during these holidays.

... Oooo! The Pepermint will be on sale!

Be Well!

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*tosses peppermints into the thread* >_>/---@ --@ --@ o.o o.o o.o z.z

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*noms mints*

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*bats one*