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It's a game that's terrania.

You can pick races and stuff.

Or you can download
And then be a kitteh.

*suggests second*

It's a beta and it randomly decides to like deleted your saves, but it's still pretty fun. Watch out for birds.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "a game that's terrania."

It's a game made by the same people who made Terrania, a different game. However in this game you do everything that's in Terrania, plus there is planet hopping and a bunch of upgrades. If ya liked that other game, this game is also cool. But it's like a beta, so it's missing some stuffs like story and the like...

Usefully link for what the game actually is...


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*bats at the link until it opens*

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o.o it looks like it'll be fairly fun.. once they settle on a balance and stop wiping, adjusting, massively altering everything you spent hours doing...


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*balances sleepy, adjusts, massively alters* >_>/


Not wiping though... <_<;;

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*whaps Pep*
*adds shackles... binds Pep between the stars*
*starts tossing kitteh-shaped beenie-babies at the starbound Pep*

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*listens to myrr accuse mew of not visiting website* >_>;;

*notes that myrr is responding to mews post from 2 months ago* <_<;;

*whaps teh myrr for being a hypocrite* >_>/ >.o!


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*whaps Pep in response*
Woo! Whappin' Warz!

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*builds auto-whap-a-matic* >_>/[___]@=\m/