WHere are all the Kitties?

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Ok i have been loggin on for a bit now....

Got some characters into the super group....but dont see many kitties.

But not too surprised weirdly this game doesnt seam to have alot of developer support....the moderator right now for the forums was on doinghte shutdown for maintennce too....and he was a person who does the perfect world stuff.....its like hte cryptic staff working on champions are MIA.

So got a couple new members who where not legion members.....

had a bit of drama the last week....between the new members and the old.....hope that got straightened out.....

am really missing the old kitty pounce force stuff.

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Well some are on Guild Wars 2. Myrr and myself are on Star Wars TOR (as are others, but haven't seen anybody else lately).

Mind you, this is a holiday season, so many folks might not be at home, or have visitors over, so playtime is limited. <_<;;

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A member with the character named switchblade went kind of over the top a bit seamingly bugging other members a bit more then they expected..through tells and some weird gameplay things....like when he was on a team wqith one he was double cliking their portrait and it would give the other person a duel request in whatveer zone they where in no matter how far away.....and since he didnt really play champions that much he was having fun seeing it work...didnt know it would work or why it was doing it......but that bother glacticat....since he didnt actualy say anything....(he has tunnel vision at times..also gets sidetracked by little things..like noticing he could go outside my super base)

So some of them where not very happy with his attempts at communication.....also another new member who uses the character named Lady Psi also joined....she was not prepared for switchblades enthusiasm.

Yah switchblade is a super roleplayer and a bit hardcore active with games....as in he switches from roleplaying through tells and in the super group channel to open talking normally.....in a flash....he is realy excited joining up and after they kind of put him on ignore and such he begged me to talk to them.....he said he would dial it down a bit....also he is a bit worried about how others take him....and ends up over appologizing.

If certain other kitties had been online...I am sure he would have been a little more sedate....but since we only had like 5 kitties online over the last few weeks due to the holiday...and the lack of other players in game.....no real holiday event starting and such...kind of made him clingy to the only people he could talk to...as in it came off like he was bugging them alot....but in truth he really didnt have anyone else to talk to or do his character roleplay with.....sooo.....

Just a samll bit of Super Group Drama....

Personaly I am trying to take all things as simply water that washes over....
For me I dont get mad or get intimidated and i never ban or ignore anyone in games....
I used to(and i do it to the spammers).....but i realized something..
If I do that....then if that person has something to say thats good...I will never hear it
Everyone has important things to say...no matter if its bad or good....and cutting off that makes this world too lonely

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SW:TOR and AoC have been fascinating me, lately. I feel badly about recruiting Galacticat and then abandoning them. Super person and doesn't deserve that.

Note to self - play Champions, be Super!

Be Well!